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Big Tom and Little Tom are the (former) main antagonists of Spookley The Square Pumpkin. They like to tease spookley until the end of the film. They reform after Spookley saved their Lifes.


They formerly seem selfish, mean, rude, evil, and greedy. But they later turn nice. They are now currently nice, fun, and good. 


Big Tom and Little Tom are first seen at Holiday Hill farm. They saw Spookley as a square pumpkin. Little Tom threatens everyone by telling everyone that Spookley is a mistake and a wead. They even sung a song about Spookley. Jack picked Big Tom and Little Tom after they sung the song. Jack tells them that if they behave he'll put them down. Little Tom also says that spookley is not going to be in the Jack-O-lympics. But Spookley came to Jack-O-Lympics anyway. Little Tom also tried to win by cheating. But they didn't win by cheating. Jack disqualify them for cheating and gives the meadle to Bow-Bow. He even got disqualified again in the second and third round. They lost the Jack-O-Lympics. Soon a storm comes and threatens everyone Even Big Tom and Little Tom. Little Tom also lets go of Bow-Bow to let her die. Soon, Spookley saves Big and Little & The other pumpkins. Everyone thanked Spookley. Jack asks Little Tom if he has anything to say to Spookley. He said that being round ain't everything after all. They reform in the end of Spookley The Square Pumpkin.


  • They were villains until they reform and let see Spookley glow.
  • Big Tom was voiced by Frank Welker while Little Tom was voiced by Ed Asner.
  • They will return in Spookley and the Christmas Kittens.