Big Tony is a primary villain in the TimeSplitters 2 video game. He appears in the mission 1932 Chicago.


After buying out the Falucci Brothers olive oil import business, Big Tony turned his now slippery hands to more criminal activities. But liquor, loose women and the numbers racket weren't enough. Lately, it seems he's been taking shipments from some dodgy out of town characters.

Big Tony is the local mob boss in Chicago during 1932. He runs illegal businesses including racketeering, liquor import, and diamond heist. He has an unnamed brother who is also a part of the mafia. Overall, Big Tony is a powerful figure in society.

Role in the Game

Big Tony's operations are threatened by the return of his arch nemesis, detective Jake Fenton. Tony sends his henchmen to kill the detective. Meanwhile, he decides to expand his diamond heist and involve his brother. However, Fenton kills Tony's brother and completely drains his supply of liquor. He then confronts Tony in his own club. Furious to see his arch nemesis still alive, Tony attempts to kill Fenton but dies in the gun battle.


Jake Fentson

Big Tony's sworn nemesis. Fenton was originally a police officer. He attempted to apprehend Tony but failed and was kicked out from Chicago. Years later, he returns and joins a detective agency to stop Tony.

Hatchet Sal

One of Big Tony's most violent right hand men. His name was derived by his tendency to chop the right hands of victims. After experiencing a nightmare, his tendency subsided.

Jimmy Needles

A ruthless assassin working for Big Tony. According to Jimmy's in-game profile, he moved from Miami to handle Tony's tricky hits.

Slick Tommy

Another of Big Tony's ruthless assassins. He is nearly identical to Jimmy Needles. His attire is a clear distinction between himself and Jimmy. Unlike Jimmy, Tommy uses a knife.


The hired muscle for Big Tony. He lacks intelligence but has a higher level of strength. Braces the person responsible for informing Tony about Jake Fenton's return.

Louie Big Nose

One of Big Tony's finest men. He has a tendency to make mistakes but still gets promoted. Louie can also be manipulative. He managed to convince Braces to inform Tony about Jake Fenton's return.

Marco the Snitch

One of Big Tony's men who is secretly in league with the local authorities. He gives a membership card to Jake Fenton. It will allow Fenton access to the Sunrise Club where he will be bound to find Tony.

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