Big Valley is the main villainous organization from Crude Buster.


Ten years after a nuclear accident destroyed New York City in 2010, a restoration effort has begun. However, during this time an evil organization named Big Valley emerged and took control over the city. This organization was formed by all sorts of thugs and mercenaries, equipped with powerful and bizarre weapons.

Unknown to most of the public, they were also creating mutants, seeking to expand their rule and eventually take over the entire country. In order to take down Big Valley, the government secretly hires two mercenaries, Biff and Spike, and promise them a large sum of money if they can infiltrate New York and defeat Big Valley before they unleash their sinister plan.

The punks (according to the plot they are contaminated by nuclear radiation. That is why they inflict damage on Biff and Spike upon mere bodily contact), cyborgs, attack dogs, war machines and even dangerous mutants belong to Big Valley are encountered everywhere in NYC throughout the game. After defeating them on each stages, Biff and Spike reaches Big Valley's base of operations, the Sky Lab for the final showdown.

There the two encountered previously encountered stage bosses in addition to fending off lots of goons and proceeded to defeat and kill them again. The secret leader of Big Valley, The Mad Scientist, furious upon witnessing what Biff and Spike had done to his creations, transforms into a devilishly powerful abomination to kill Biff and Spike.

However the Mad Scientist, even with his mutation empowerment, proved to be no match for the Crude Buster, and he was defeated. However, far from just rolling over and dying, Mad Scientist used his flying mechanism to escape. He lamented that Biff and Spike could've been his most extraordinary creation. He vowed to Biff and Spike that he will someday return and rebuild his shattered organization. Biff and Spike shrugged off the scientist's vow and tell him to leave their sights.

With its leader gone to hiding, Sky Lab was engulfed in a successive explosion. Biff and Spike emerges unscathed. With the promised rewards that are given to them by the US government upon their arrival the two walk off triumphantly towards the sunset.


  • Punk
  • Grease Monkey
  • Hunchback
  • Armour-Dillo
  • Pyromaniac
  • Disc Cutter
  • Rabid Hound
  • Commander
  • Mad Bomber
  • Hand-Sniper
  • Cyborg D
  • Cyborg D2
  • Psycho Santa
  • Black Gill
  • Heavy Snake
  • Master Reaper
  • Rhino-Man
  • Tiny Leo
  • Nail Spider
  • Mad Scientist (leader)