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Bigfoot is the name given to the giant ape in the 2018 movie Primal Rage. Bigfoot has blood-red eyes, is a solitary predator and has a lust for destruction. Given how destructive, uncaring, and cruel he was in regards to others his behavior seems well beyond what is normally part of the species' survival instincts. Unlike normal predators (who hunt in packs and often function as part of an interwoven hunter/gather society), Bigfoot is a "rogue".

His behavior and appearance is remenecient of the folklore surrounding Yetis, from Himalayan myths. It is completely homicidal, has a carnivorous appetite and an extremely malevolence underlining it. It openly kills and even torturing sentient beings yet is completely unreasonable in regards to such creatures. The monster seemingly exists purely to murder, devour and destroy anything in its path. Like most violent and carnivorous hunters he has sharp-fangs and great muscles. He specifically seeks human prey and will invade homes, destroying barriers and brutally dismembering anyone that dares try and fight back in his quest for victims.

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