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Bilbo Baggins is the main antagonist of the Screen Junkies/Honest Trailers/How It Should Have Ended parody hit YouTube video The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


Bilbo is seen in the ending parody with the personality he's given, the way he asks his nephew, Frodo Baggins, to read his successful book, just like the ending, however, Frodo, criticizes it more than several times about how long it is, with Bilbo desperately trying to explain. When Frodo asks if it could be a children's book, Bilbo turns evil and savagely attacks the latter, and is presumed to be possessed by Gollum or is drunk by the Ring's power. Screen Junkies thought the parody of Bilbo Baggins was so evil they stopped the How It Should Have Ended parody, and even nicknamed Bilbo Baggins as "Killno Draggons" in the end, as revenge.


  • Bilbo is the first Honest Trailer character to be designed by How It Should Have Ended, an antagonist and a protagonist in the real film, the second is Spock from the Screen Junkies parody of Star Trek: Into Darkness.


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