Bill Case is a major antagonist in Casper: A Spirited Beginning.

He is protrayed by Michael McKean.


He is a military who is hired by Tim Carson (the father of Chris the protagonist) to destroy the Applegate Mansion. He enters (by a very fast way) in Tim's office and asks him with what he could destroy the mansion. Tim hesitates, and Bill proposes him dynamite. He turns on one, which scares Tim, who is afraid it will explode, but Bill removes the wick and accidentally sends it into one of the pockets of Tim's jacket that immediately ignites. Instead to help Tim to put out the fire, he rolls on the ground. The same night, Bill goes to the mansion (like a spy) and places the dynamites with countdown, under a sofa. The next day, is on a tree and calls Tim who asks him to start the countdown what Bill does. When Tim learns that Chris is the mansion, he runs towards Bill and yells him to stop the countdown. But what Tim doesn't know is that when Case has his orders, he will not back down and stop at nothing. However, Mrs. Fistergraff, with her car, hits the tree that makes Bill fall and Tim throw the remote that make the dynamites explode. But the bomb has a default and is about to explode. Then, Tim goes inside the house and manages to save Chris. For his part, Casper eats the bomb that finally explode in his belly.  His plan having failed, Bill leaves the place under the booing of the demonstrators. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, but it is likely he was arrested and sent to prison for his crimes.

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