FBI! Hands where I can see 'em!!
~ Bill Coburn

Bill Coburn is The Secondary antagonist and the Bigger Bad of the 2014 Video Game, The Crew. He was voiced by D.C. Douglas, who is famous for voicing Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series.

Coburn was once an FBI Special Agent, but later became a rogue, and not so long after he started working under Dennis Jefferson, interestingly, while Dennis "Shiv" Jefferson was an outright criminal serial killer, Coburn was an actual official. Making his acts even more heinous.


At the start of the Video Game, Coburn kills the V8 positioned Dayton and frames Alex taylor for murdering Dayton, being an FBI Agent, he easily manipulates the others on thinking that he didn't do it and that Alex is responsible.

After those events, Coburn isn't seen until the end of the game, where Zoe and Alex successfully find enough evidence of Coburn killing Alex Taylor, this gets him arrested.


  • While Coburn's appearance in the Video Game is very small, his actions at the start of the game alone is the sole purpose the plot even happened in the first place. And his killing of Alex really showed how evil he is, and how much he could have done if he didn't get caught.
  • Some People claim hes the Main Antagonist
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