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William Henry "Bill" Cosby, Jr. (born July 12, 1937) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author, and convicted sex offender. A fictionalized version of him voiced by Brock Baker is a recurring antagonist in the videos of YouTube channel Animeme.


Bill Cosby makes his first appearance in a video titled TRIGGERED - Ft. Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and Hitler where he notices that word "grape" also spells out "rape" while looking at a Fanta can, referencing his real-life sexual assault cases. A "triggered" noise is then heard as he smiles smugly.

Cosby later returns in QUICK MEME - Trump & Bill Cosby where Trump announces having hired him as his assistant on issues related to black people. However, it becomes almost immediately apparent that he's more interested in sex than actually helping the president out as soon after his introduction he claims that Trump likes his "jello-pudding pops", referring to his genitals. Trump mistakenly thinks that Cosby is referring to the food, though, and says that he does indeed like it.

Cosby has since made some additional appearances since, usually in Trump's company. He is also seen in some of the meme compilations on the channel.


In reference to him raping females, Cosby is depicted as a raving sex addict who is prone to drugging and sexually assaulting people whenever he gets the chance to do so. It is possible that this version of Cosby is bisexual, as he has been shown to drug and rape both Donald Trump and Otto from Yo Mama apart from having sexually assaulted females.

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