Come here, come here, come here. It's people like this who want to keep you done, keep you afraid. You have to show them you're not afraid, you gotta show them you're a man. Kick him. Don't give that look that your mother gives, you do what I tell you, kick him! Kick him!
~ Bill Fisk to his son Wilson.
Shut up I don't wanna hear it! I lost because of you, because of this family! They see, they see you and that little bastard and they laugh, and you don't believe in me, and you see what happens, huh, you see what happens!
~ Bill Fisk, while hitting his wife.

William "Bill" Fisk is a posthumous antagonist in the 2015 Marvel TV series Daredevil. He was the abusive and alcoholic father of Wilson Fisk, and his cruelty towards him set the stage for the latter's transformation into a ruthless criminal.

He was portrayed by Domenick Lombardozzi.


Bill Fisk and his wife Marlene lived in Hell's Kitchen in the 1970s with their son, Wilson. Bill suffered from alcoholism, and even when not intoxicated regularly insulted, berated, and threatened his wife and son, bullying them into doing what he wanted and said and also bullying them into silence whenever either objected or showed reluctance in the face of his behavior. 

During this time, Bill Fisk ran for Third District Council of New York City, working on signs with his son to try and get people to vote for him. However, as Bill was not a wealthy man, he took out a loan from local mobster Don Rigoletto as a means of funding the campaign. However, Bill Fisk's efforts were in vain, as he ultimately lost the election, and as a consequence became increasingly bitter and ill-tempered, which in turn made him even more vicious and cruel in his treatment of his wife and son. In particular he took to bullying the latter, urging him to be "tough" and treat other people violently and cruelly, such as a neighborhood punk who had vandalized Bill Fisk's election signs and insulted both him and his son.

Still owing Don Rigoletto money and unable to pay it, Bill tried to sneak out to either speak to him or else find some way to get the money to pay the Don back. When his wife confronted him over this and needled him over his failures and bad decisions, Bill Fisk became enraged and started viciously beating his wife with his belt, raving about how it was her and their son's fault that he had failed and that he was a failure because of his family. Unfortunately for Bill Fisk, his beating of his wife proved one bit of abuse too many for young Wilson Fisk, who took a hammer and struck his father on the head. This attack brought Bill Fisk down, and Wilson, thrown into a homicidal rage, proceeded to strike his father again and again in the back of the head, killing him.


You believe this kid. He gets that stuff from you
The Hell happened to you?
You feed him too much of that shit. You want him to get fatter than he already is?
Come on, what happened?
Am I asking you? Mind your own BUSINESSES. What did he do?
What happened?
Oh, my boy's a liar now, huh? He say it, or not?. Speak up when I'm talking to you.
Think of the man you wanna be. You sit here and you stare at that wall and you think about that. You're my son. You should be a king, not some fat little pussy. Sit. What'd I say? Don't look at me, look at the wall. Don't take your eyes off till I get back.
It's not enough I get that shit out there? I gotta get it in my own house? In my own house?


  • Fisk is Swedish for 'fish'.


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Bill Fisk
Bill Fisk


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