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Bill Goldy is an evil cyborg duplicate of Janperson who serves as one of the three main antagonists (alongside George Makabe and Reiko Ayanokouji) in the Metal Hero show Tokusou Robo Janperson, and the series' final antagonist.

He was originally Ryuzaburo Tatewaki, a lunatic who was the president of a company known as Tatewaki Konzern. He desired to gain control of all illegal business in Japan as well as legal ones, leading him to target Janperson after he thwarted several of his schemes. He is usually seen licking a lollipop while watching Janperson fights his assassins. He would later undergo the process to be converted into Bill Goldy, an evil duplicate of Janperson.

Bill Goldy was later revived in the Juukou B Fighter epilogue by Jagul.

He is portrayed by Shun Sugata, who is also known for playing Ryo Murasame/Kamen Rider ZX.


Hearing of a scientist who could develop a special skeleton key card that could unlock anything, Tatewaki had the scientist kidnapped and forced him to make the key card for use in his criminal operations. He then hired a group of robbers, using a third party to avoid drawing suspicion, to use the key card to steal weapons from a JSDF base, but the plan was foiled by Janperson. Seeing Janperson as an obstacle to his plans, Tatewaki hired Bounty Killer Django, the Street Fighters and Doki to eliminate him. He first had all of the assassins demonstrate their powers to him before putting his plans into motion. To lure Janperson out, Tatewaki had Doki abduct the children of a scientist who had developed a skeleton key card for Tatewaki's criminal operation. After Doki brought the children to a barren field, Janperson arrived to rescue them and was met by the four assassins. Tatewaki observed the confrontation from afar and gleefully licked a lollipop as he watched Janperson fight his assassins. However, Janperson was able to fight them all off and save the children.

See also

  • Goldex, his American counterpart from Big Bad Beetleborgs.


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