Bill Rydell the main character of the horror game Purgatorium and his action in the past is the reason why he is in damnation for all eternity.


Rydell suffered from mental illness maybe all of his life Bill had a wife and a son. at some point in the year 2006 he went insane he then bricked the house and beheaded his wife with various tools including BQ fork and killed his infant son,he then killed himself after setting the house on fire. The Police failed to save them in time. Bill was then buried and his tombstone was carved Murder for the actions he caused.

Life after Death

after he died he was in confusion he was in his son's room seeing a vision of his headless wife. He realized that the door was bricked up upon turning the light off he saw his own grave carved murder. he thought it was a joke but i was not till he realised that he is in hell for what he did then a demonic man pops out in front of his face maybe a demon from hell guarding Rydell's soul. Rydell is stuck in Purgatory for all eternity


Rydell's hell 1

Rydell trying to find a way out

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