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Bill Spencer is a character in the "Bold and the Beautiful". He is a powerhungry businessmen whose job by his father was to destroy foresters creation Eric, Brooke and Donna. He blackmails Eric to selling Forresters he makes a move on Donna which he later romances her sister Katie who later found out his plan Bill convinced her otherwise and they got married He took over Forresters and made Katie CEO he later falled after Steffy another one of his admires blackmailed him he takes and interest in Steffy but remained Loyal to Katie.

He then has an affair with Katie older sister Brooke which ended his and Katie marriage he later fights over Ridge over Brooke affection and they got engaged but the wedding was stopped after Ridge revealed Bill pushed him down he reunites and remarries Katie.

After Steffy sleeps with Bill in a one-night stand due to mixed emotions when Liam admits to kissing Sally Spectra when the two believed they were going to be killed in the building collapse, Bill becomes obsessed with her and attempts to win her back by any means, even going as far as proposing marriage despite still technically being married to Liam. Ridge deems Bill a pervert and molester, accusations of which end up with Bill being shot in the back by Taylor Hayes, who believes Bill was taking advantage of Steffy. Getting out of the hospital, he doesn't change his ways, still choosing to pursue Steffy while at the same time, threatening Wyatt and Katie to end their engagement at the cost of Katie losing custody of Will and Wyatt being disowned as Bill's son, which would ruin his fortune.

Bill stages ongoing affairs with Steffy, including decorating his office with the help of Justin. Wyatt notices this and goes back to Liam, who agrees to annul their marriage and quickly proposes to Hope soon after. Wyatt overhears Justin and Bill arguing over the deception and is once again threatened by Bill to keep his mouth shut or else he'll be disowned, losing his fortune and is even tempted by an expensive car of Bill's. At the last second of the wedding between Liam and Hope, Wyatt confesses the truth to Liam and the wedding is called off, much to Bill's anger when Wyatt tells him about what happened. Bill later visits Steffy, who kicks him out but accidentally falls onto her stomach, causing her to go into labor early with Liam's baby.


  • Father: Bill Spencer Sr.
  • Half-Sisters: Caroline Spencer Forrester, Karen Spencer
  • Sons: Wyatt Spencer (with Quinn Fuller), Liam Spencer (with Kelly Hopkins), Will Spencer (with Katie Logan)
  • Granddaughters: Kelly Spencer (via Liam)
  • Nieces: Caroline Spencer
  • Great-nephews: Douglas Forrester (via Caroline)

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