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Bill and Judy Miller are the main protagonist and antagonist in Still Standing. They are the parents of Brian, Lauren and Tina. They had their children really young and I think they resented them in the beginning. Bill and Judy have an estranged relationship with their oldest son Brian. Who is the black sheep of the family, because Brian is a good boy and a geek. Brian loves comic books, wizard trading cards, sci-fi, magic and Broadway shows. Bill and Judy are die hard sports fan, like Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Bulls and Chicago Cubs and rock concerts. Bill is lazy and selfish and a jerk. Judy is overbearing and mean and selfish. These guys like to bully, scheme and steal anyone to get ahead. But it always backfire. They spent most of the series ignoring, bullying and neglecting their son Brian. They also steal money from him too. Judy's only friend is her sister Linda Michaels. Linda was treated like dirt like Brian was with her parents and her brother in law Bill. Linda is more successful than them and talented than him. Bill and Judy also ignored and bully their daughter Lauren. Lauren was similar to Judy when she was young. She was a total hypocrite. Bill and Judy became parents they became Ward and June Clever, they were the bad seed from their families and try to instill 50's values on their kids and it never works. Even though they spent most of the series disciplining and punishing them because of their hypocrite stuff they did in their ag

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