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Billie was the latest incarnation of Death and a former Reaper in the horror series Supernatural.

As a Reaper, Billie appears as recurring yet minor antagonist in several episodes before her death. After becoming the new incarnation of Death, Billie changed from an antagonist to an ally, albeit one in times of convenience.

However, its later revealed that her actual intention is to kill God and take over herself, making Billie the secondary antagonist of Season 15. After her initial plan fails, Billie is mortally wounded by protagonist Dean Winchester with her own scythe and then absorbed by the Shadow, ending her plans and life for good.

She was portrayed by Lisa Berry in her first villainous role.


War with the Darkness

In season 11, shortly after the demise of her boss Death, Billie appeared to protagonist Sam Winchester in a hospital singing "O Death" over a corpse. Billie confirmed the demise of Death and informed Sam that now that Death was gone, there was one hard rule in the universe, "what lives, dies" and that when the Winchesters eventually perished, she intended to ensure that they were sent to the Empty so that they could never return. Billie notes that Sam is "unclean in the biblical sense" and will soon be going with her. However, Billie's words give Sam a clue in time to find a cure to his condition.

Billie is later employed by Crowley to guard an entrance to Hell. Dean Winchester is surprised to meet her as she wants them dead. Billie clarifies that she doesn't want them dead, she's just going to make sure that they can't return when they do die.

After believing Sam dead in a werewolf attack, Dean commits suicide via a drug overdose in order to summon Billie and make a deal with her to resurrect Sam. Though Billie is amused, she refuses, stating that even if Sam could defeat the Darkness, she would always refuse and then reveals the kicker: Sam is still alive. Having frozen time to talk to Dean, Billie unfreezes time to take him to the Empty, but Dean is revived by a doctor, forcing Billie to leave empty-handed.

As the Winchesters work to collect souls for a weapon to kill the Darkness, they are observed by Billie who notes that she is about an hour from having to reap God himself. With a common enemy, Billie uses her power as a Reaper to get them the souls that they need for the weapon.

Attempting to collect the Winchesters' souls

In season 12, Billie reappears when the sadistic demon Jael begins slaughtering hunters at a funeral. Billie reveals the situation to Dean, locked outside of the house and shows amusement for his plight. Dean convinces Billie to help him get back inside with Billie physically flinging him through the door in exchange for Dean owing her one. In the aftermath, Billie attempts to collect by taking the soul of Sam and Dean's mother Mary who has been recently resurrected and is struggling to adapt to the world after being gone for 33 years. After Billie confirms that the rules prevent her from actually killing Mary, Mary chooses to not go with Billie. Billie accepts this, but tells all three Winchesters that if they ever desire peace to call upon her.

Months later, after being locked up by the government, the desperate Winchesters summon Billie and make a deal forged in blood wherein she will temporarily kill them so that they can escape. In return, Billie gets to collect the soul of a Winchester at midnight. When the time comes to collect the deal, Billie warns of potential cosmic consequences for breaking it and Mary decides to sacrifice herself to save her sons. Billie stops Sam and Dean from interfering, but is killed from behind by Castiel who is unwilling to lose any of his friends. Castiel's actions subsequently become a point of contention between him and Dean who worries about Billie's warnings of possible cosmic consequences.

As Death

In season 13, after Dean temporarily kills himself, Billie unexpectedly reappears despite her death. Billie explains that one of the rules governing the universe is that when one incarnation of Death is killed, the next Reaper to die will take his place. Thus, when Castiel killed her, Billie was resurrected as the new Death. Having gained a wider perspective as the new Death, Billie has lost much of her antagonism towards the Winchesters and is aware that they have a bigger purpose. Billie shows Dean Death's Library containing books showing every possible fate for an individual. At the end of their interaction, Billie personally resurrects Dean, but interrupts his attempt to get an answer from her about if his mother is dead or not.

After Rowena MacLeod threatens the fabric of reality with her actions, Billie sends the Reaper Jessica to inform the Winchesters so that they can stop Rowena, but refuses to intervene directly due to a strict hands-off policy. Billie eventually appears in person, but refuses to resurrect Crowley for Rowena, instead offering sympathy for the woman and advice on accepting her loss.

In season 14, Billie rescues Sam, Castiel and Jack from Michael's forces, remotely teleporting them to safety. Billie subsequently reveals to Dean that she chose to act as her library now shows that all of Dean's fates but one have Michael breaking free of his control and using Dean to destroy the world. Billie provides Dean with instructions on how to build a Ma'lak Box, a coffin capable of trapping Michael and leaves him with the choice of what to do with the information. Later, after Jack is killed by God, Billie appears in the Empty and tells Jack that they need to talk.

War with God

In season 15, Billie resurrects Jack once God is gone from the Earth and masterminds the effort to kill God. Billie reveals that one of the books in Death's Library reveals how God can be killed and Jack can do it if they follow her plan exactly. Billie sends Jack after the Grigori, fallen angels, to consume their hearts and strengthen his body and then on another quest that restores Jack's lost soul. However, Jack reveals to Castiel that Billie's plan is turning him into a bomb that will cause both God and the Darkness to cease to exist with the consequence of killing Jack as well. She later visits Dean to inform him that God has finished destroying all alternate universes and will soon return. Having given Jack his final orders to get ready, Billie states according to God's book, her role in the events is now over until the end and the Winchesters won't see her again until its done.

Sam subsequently learns from the Shadow that Billie is in fact manipulating the Winchesters and Jack to kill God so that she can take over the power vacuum as the new God.

After the aborted attempt to kill God, Billie appears, enraged that they failed to kill God. Billie teleports Jack back to the Empty where he detonates, explaining that only the Shadow could handle the impact. Jack and the Shadow both survive with Billie pointing out that she only told them that it would be fatal, not that it would kill Jack and Castiel realizes that killing both God and the Darkness would set off a chain reaction. The three confront Billie about her manipulations and true plan which she confirms and demands Chuck's death book back in exchange for bringing Jack back. Sam reluctantly gives Billie the book and she reads the new ending which Billie finds interesting. After teleporting Jack back, Billie attempts to leave with Jack and the book, stating that Jack will still be useful. Grabbing Death's Scythe, Dean slashes Billie in the shoulder, forcing her to flee without Jack, the book or her scythe. Billie subsequently has her library warded against the Shadow while Sam discovers that he can't even open the book.


After their friends start dying, Dean and Castiel storm Billie's library to kill her with the scythe, convinced that she is responsible. Overpowered after a short fight, Billie insists that she had nothing to do with what's going on and that its actually Chuck, something that proves to be true. Billie then reveals that Dean's earlier strike with Death's Scythe has left her mortally wounded and she shows Dean and Castiel that her shoulder wound is festering. Billie decides to exact her long-awaited revenge upon Dean as her last act and chases him and Castiel, upon whom she also wants revenge for killing her the first time, throughout the bunker. Unable to defeat Billie, Castiel finally fulfills his deal with the Shadow by expressing his love for Dean and thus experiencing a moment of true happiness. The Shadow opens a portal, absorbs both Castiel and Billie and pulls them into the Empty.


After reuniting with his brother and Jack, Dean informs them of Billie and Castiel's demise. Shortly thereafter, a resurrected Lucifer kills a Reaper named Betty and thus turns her into the next Death in the same manner as Billie in order to get Chuck's Death Book open before Lucifer betrays the Winchesters.

Despite Billie's villainous actions, she still indirectly helps to stop God as her plan to turn Jack into a cosmic bomb had a side effect: after surviving the explosion, Jack became a power vacuum sucking up all kinds of energy from around him. This allowed Jack to drain God of his powers and finally bring God's reign of terror to an end with Jack filling the power vacuum God's defeat caused, something that Billie had intended for herself.

After Dean makes it to Heaven following his final death, he learns from Bobby Singer that Jack resurrected Castiel from the Empty, meaning that his sacrifice to stop Billie ultimately wasn't final. In addition, without Billie around to keep her long-held threat to banish them to the Empty when they die, the Winchesters are able to make it into Heaven.

Powers and Abilities

Reaper Abilities

Billie was a reasonably powerful Reaper with many abilities, such as the common immortality and teleportation, the ability to stop and speed up time, stop electronic devices from working, control over souls to pull the amount of ghosts needed from the Veil and resurrect the Winchesters hours after killing them, the ability to become intangible, which she could extend to Dean, and claimed to be able to banish the Winchesters to the Empty.

Death Abilities

After being killed by Castiel, Billie has become the new Death, dramatically increasing her powers to cosmic levels.

  • Nigh-Omniscience: After her promotion as the new Death, she gained a tremendous level of cosmic awareness, able to see the actual necessity of the Winchesters to the universe. This is notable considering her disdain for the Winchesters and her original firm belief that everything that dies should stay dead. She was also able to note on the screaming of Alternate Michael in Dean's subconscious and knew what apparently was the only way for Dean to stop Michael was to lock himself in the Malak Box, which Billie notably knew how to create despite Sam believing they were impossible to make. She could detect Jack's death after he was killed by God and she could sense God leaving Earth, in order to send Jack back to Earth. While working with Billie, Jack reveals that his knowledge of each Grigori's despicable actions comes from Billie. Billie was also able to sense that God has began to destroy the alternate worlds and could tell that Kaia had been saved while her alternate counterpart died along with her world. She also showed Dean that she knew the contents of his conversation with Amara despite the fact that she did not witness it, and in fact seemed to be in an alternate dimension at the moment. Billie later states that she gained all of Death's knowledge when she took his position as well as Death's library. Having access to the library grants her supreme knowledge of how beings die, even knowing how God will die which not even God himself could ever know. She also knew of the Occultum and it's capabilities, but could not locate it's whereabouts. She was also able to provide Jack with spells and rituals so he could become a bomb to kill Chuck and Amara.
  • Teleportation: After becoming Death, Billie could teleport to locations that few could access with her new powers, such as entering the Men of Letters Bunker, which is extremely powerfully warded, even able to transport Sam, Castiel, Jack, Michael and Violet from Kansas to the Bunker without being in the same area, and teleporting to the Empty and leaving at will, as well as entering one of God's worlds and witnessing it's destruction.
  • Resurrection: As Death, Billie could now resurrect any creature in existence, being the only one apart from God able to resurrect supernatural beings, as she confirmed she could but won't resurrect Crowley for Rowena and later resurrected Jack. As Death, she has control over resurrection in general with a witch stating that once a new method of bringing the dead back is developed, Billie will close the loophole after one use, preventing it from ever working again.
  • Telepathy: Billie was able to telepathically order the Reaper Jessica and receive news that her order was done.
  • Telekinesis: Billie was able to fling around Dean and Castiel with just waves of her hand.
  • Super Strength: Billie was able to choke Castiel one-handed despite being in a weakened state at the time.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: As the embodiment of Death, Billie is almost completely invulnerable to harm. Billie took an incredibly powerful magical attack from Rowena MacLeod without flinching or suffering any damage, an attack so powerful that it greatly drained Rowena's own vast powers to perform. Billie's only weaknesses are beings stronger than her such as God, the Darkness and the Shadow and Death's Scythe which is the only weapon that can kill Death. Her own scythe is shown to be so powerful that merely being slashed in the shoulder with it left Billie mortally wounded with her injury festering and Billie herself stating that she couldn't survive it even though Dean hadn't been aiming to kill at the time. After her hand was injured by the scythe, it became withered.


  • Billie final fate is in many ways ironic as in her first appearances, she was always planning on sending the Winchesters to the Empty and she got taken there herself instead.
  • Billie's death is confirmed in the series penultimate episode Inherit the Earth along with the fact that she is not just trapped in the Empty: by killing the Reaper Betty, Lucifer turns her into the next incarnation of Death. As stated by Billie herself, the next Reaper to die after the demise of the previous incarnation of Death takes their place.