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Billy was one of the older campers at Camp Arawak, where he fought with Ricky Thomas and threw water balloons at Angela Baker. She took her revenge by killing him with bees.

The Murder

While Billy was in a bathroom stall in one of the cabins at Camp Arawak, somebody sneaks into the cabin and quietly inserted a long piece of stick to seal Billy in the stall. He then goes outside to the back of the cabin, and uses a knife to open the plastic window behind Billy. Billy suspected it was one of his friends playing a prank on him. But when the killer used a stick to insert a beehive in the stall, it turned out it was no prank at all. Billy pleaded to keep the beehive away from him while the killer swayed with the stick. The hive drops and the bees swarm around Billy while he tried to escape, unaware that the murderer had trapped him in the stall. Nobody hears his agonized screams for help as the long stick used to trap Billy in the stall starts to break in half as the bee attack progresses. He manages to break out of the stall at the last minute before thudding to the floor, dead. Billy was last seen completely stung all over his body, with his face being swarmed by the army of bees.

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