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NOTE: This article is only for the TV version of Billy Butcher. To see the article for the original version of him, go to Billy Butcher.
Villain Overview

Well, well, well, if it ain't the Invisible C-nt.
~ Billy about Translucent, as well as one of his more famous quotes.
Ain't it obvious? Movie tickets, merchandising. Video games, theme parks. A multi-billion dollar global industry supported by corporate lobbyists and politicians on both sides. But the main reason that you won't hear about it is 'cause the public don't want to know about it. See, people love that cozy feeling Supes give them. Some golden c-nt to swoop out of the sky and save the day so you don't got to do it yourself. But if you knew half the shit they get up to? Ooh... fuckin' diabolical. But then... that's where I come in.
~ Billy to Hughie in the TV series on why are the superheroes' many crimes constantly covered up.

William "Billy" Butcher is one of the two main protagonists of the 2019 Amazon Prime TV series, The Boys (alongside Hughie Campbell).

Billy Butcher is a former British special forces officer turned vigilante, Billy is as charming as he is cunning. He’s a force of nature, who can talk almost anyone into anything, either through a smile or brute force – or sometimes both. He’s consumed by one mission in life: to destroy superheroes, but this personal vendetta is driven by his hatred for one Supe in particular: Homelander. Billy’s determined to get revenge on Homelander, no matter the cost and he won’t let anyone or anything stand in his way. Billy is Homelander’s archenemy as well as one of the biggest threats to all Supe's whom aren't on his side.

He is portrayed by Karl Urban, who also played William Cooper in Red, Kirill in The Bourne Supremacy, Black Hat in Priest, Skurge in Thor Ragnarok and Julius Caesar in Xena: Warrior Princess, and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.


Billy Butcher was once a caring and nervous guy with a bit of a violent nature due to his abusive childhood, and after his wife went missing and everything changed, with his soft, easy going personality become hard, distrustful, and vengeful, though Becca does say he's always been one bad day away from pounding someone to death in a parking lot. Billy is direct, crude, honorable, and not afraid to do what it takes to avenge his wife. He also extremely fearless, he has stood up to Homelander on multiple accounts, despite the fact that the man could snap him like a toothpick. He is also fully willing to sacrifice himself to save others (mainly to Becca or The Boys).

Ever since his childhood, Billy has been closed off emotionally, however, he does show some emotion to his teammates and his wife. He holds Mallory on very high respect; he considers Mother’s Milk a close friend, listening to him and even willing to put him in charge of watching out for Becca, the thing that meant the most to him; Frenchie is also as like a friend; and he has a genuine connection to Hughie, seeing him as like his brother, Lenny and having him represent the good, moral side of him. Billy also has a hatred of Supes due to what happened with Becca, and has tried to kill them on multiple occasions. Despite this, he eventually warms somewhat to having both Kimiko and Starlight as teammates, although more to Kimiko due to the other members of The Boys standing by her. Even so, it is clear that he is willing to tolerate Starlight as long as she does not betray them.

When Billy is finally reunited with Becca, he is unable to accept her son, due to his connection to Homelander and that he’s a Supe, he even makes a deal with Stan Edgar to separate the two permanently so Billy can have Becca back, which Edgar remarks as cold-hearted. However, when Billy sees Becca with her son, he begins to see Ryan as more than just the son of his enemy, but that he truly means the world to Becca. He then warns them of his double cross, and tells them to leave, though Becca refuses, Billy tells her he can’t help raise her son, he knows that he’s too much like his father, and would never want to be like that to Ryan. When Ryan accidentally kills Becca, Billy becomes full of anger and pain and contemplates killing Ryan, but upon the arrival of Homelander, he fulfills his promise to Becca and protects Ryan. After Ryan chooses him over Homelander, Billy even stays with him until Mallory picks him up.



  • Billy Butcher is somewhat based on the Punisher from Marvel Comics.


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