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You know, if you're gonna be a little b-tch like that. I've got a real woman who's willing to give it up to me right now.
~ Billy when Annie refuses.
You know what, I think you need to be taught a lesson.
~ Billy before attempting to rape Annie.

Billy Corbin is a minor antagonist of the 2013 slasher film Bloody Homecoming. He was a student at Winston High School who burned to death after trying to rape his girlfriend.


Billy was a football player for Winston High School and the son of the town's sheriff. He was a charming boy who had bad grades. In order to get his grades up, he asked a teacher named Mrs. Patterson to tutor him after school. While being tutored, Billy was having affairs with Mrs. Patterson. At some point he got into a relationship with another student named Annie Morgan, but despite Billy always pressuring her, Annie was very hesitant about losing her virginity. One night on Homecoming, Billy comes up with a plan to finally get Annie to have sex with him.

Billy and Annie go to Homecoming with their friends; Loren Gregory, Karl Clements, Steve Stein, Nora Stanley, Jaclyn Baker, Wade Scott, and Cassie Heron. But unbeknownst to the group, Billy pays two older kids to not let them in, so the group hangs out at the front of the school, drinking and smoking. Eventually Billy suggests that they go hang out in an empty classroom. While the group are drinking, Billy takes Annie into the janitor's closet, where he has set up candles and wine. Annie and Billy kiss, but Billy tries to go further, which Annie refuses to do. Billy gets angry, calls Annie a tease, and tries to force her into having sex, but Loren knocks Billy out and fearing that he might try to kill them, locks him in the closet. Billy tries to bash his way out, but ends up knocking over candles which start a fire. Loren takes Annie outside and tries to comfort her and the group follows, wondering what's wrong. While they're outside a couple of teachers ask what they're doing there. Smoke starts to come from the school and the group and the teachers run inside. They try to unlock the closet door, but they're too late and Billy burns to death.

Afterwards, the school is fined for its irresponsibility, but the group isn't charged. Three years later, Mrs. Patterson tries to avenge Billy by killing the group that she deemed responsible for his death.


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