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D-Jango, you black son of a bitch!
~ Billy Crash's last words before his death.

William "Billy" Crash is a supporting antagonist in Django Unchained. He works for Calvin Candie as a fighting trainer for his slaves and immediately antagonizes Django, which later leads to his brutal death by the hands of the latter.

He was portrayed by Walton Goggins, who also played Shane Vendrell in The Shield, Lee Russell in Vice Principals, Sonny Burch in Ant-Man and the Wasp, El Cameleón in Machete Kills, and Mathias Vogel in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.


After Dr. King Schultz and Django have successfully tricked Calvin Candie, implying that they planned to buy a fighting slave for a enormous sun of money, Calvin invites them to Candieland to continue their deal there. On the way, one of Crash's men makes a racist remark which leads Django to drag him off his horse, with the horse falling onto him. Crash is about to draw his gun, but Candie de-escalates the situation. After the group continues their travel, Crash threatens Django but then rides off.

After the situation at Candieland has escalated and Schulz and Candie have both been shot, Django is captured, tied up and left in the stables, hanging from the ceiling upside down. He is awoken by Crash, who is wielding a heated knife and is about to castrate him, but is stopped by Stephen, who instead sells Django to the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company as a slave.

Crash is one of the guests at Candie's funeral. When the guests all return to Candieland, they are greeted by Django who escaped while on the way to LeQuint Dickey. Django shoots Crash in the chest and, after the latter one is lying on the ground incapacitated, rhetorically wonders what Crash was about to do when they last met. He then shoots Crash's testicles off between the legs, much to the shock and disgust of the present people. Wailing in his immense pain, Crash calls "Django" a black son of a bitch, to which Django responds that the 'D' is silent and shoots Crash in the head.



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