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Look at you. You look like one of us. Look what I made you.
~ Billy Darley to Nick, right before his death.

Billy Darley is the main antagonist of the 2007 film Death Sentence. He is the leader of the Darley Gang who killed Nick Hume's son Brendan and terrorized his family, they later kill Hume's family. He is the brother of Joe Darley, the young man who slit Brendan's throat and killed him.

He is played by Garrett Hedlund who is best known for his role as Jack Mercer in Four Brothers.



He was the son of Bones Darley who was the current leader of the Darley gang as well as it's founder. He did not really care about his sons. Billy and Joe have a close relationship and protect each other.


Billy and Joe led his gang to rob a store when Nick Hume's son Brendan was in the store. They burst into the store and tell the clerk and Brendan hands up. then the clerk makes his move for his gun towards Billy but he ended up being killed by Billy as Brendon horribly witnesses this. Joe then pulls out a machete and slits Brendan's throat, killing him in front of Brendan's father, Nick.

After Joe murdered Brendan Hume. Nick got angry and killed Joe with a fit of rage, causing Billy to target Hume's family along with his gang as Nick struggled to protect his family before Darley and his gang track down and end up killing Hume's family.


Bones confronts Billy and criticizes him, telling him that he's doing the wrong thing. Billy ends up killing his dad. Billy and his gang attempt to kill Nick. Nick is able to kill Billy's gang with ease, Billy and Nick engage in a gunfight which ends with them both wounded and dying. Billy, out of bullets sits down with Nick and tells him that he made Nick into what exactly him and his gang is. A cold blooded killer. Nick reveals a hidden Colt Python with one last bullet and asks Billy if he's ready to meet his maker, Billy shreds his final tear for his doomed fate before NIck ends his life.

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