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You control the game, Billy. It's time to finish what you started.
~ Billy's alternate personality, The Umpire.

Billy Haskins is the main antagonist of the 2013 slasher film Billy Club. He was a little league player who got fed up with being bullied by his teammates and coach. So, he murdered two of them and the coach, but was caught and sent to a mental hospital. Fourteen years later, Billy was released due to developing an alternate personality known as The Umpire, who tricked a rehabilitation program into believing that he was better. Now, hell bent on revenge, Billy returned to Two Rivers.

He is portrayed by Marshall Calswell as an adult, and Sebastian Weigman as a child.


Once a member of the Two Rivers, Wisconsin Blue Birds Little League, Billy was always harassed by his teammates and coach for being a bad batter. One night in the year of 1981, after costing them a game, his teammates tied him up and put him in a makeshift dunk tank. Each member threw a ball at the target but missed, until Alison McKenzie was talked into doing it, and hit the target causing Billy to fall into the water. Because he was tied up and the latch to the tank was stuck, Billy nearly drowned. However, he was saved by The Umpire, who told Billy that he should fight back against his bullies. Billy took the advice to a whole new level, and murdered two of his teammates and the coach with a baseball bat. He was caught by police, but declared insane, so he was sent to a mental hospital.

Fourteen years later, Billy was given a shot at revenge, when a rehabilitation program came to interview him. With his alternate personality taking over, the interview ended up getting him released. He returned to Two Rivers and built a dungeon near the lake, where he concocted his costume, weapon, and scheme. That Halloween, he killed Vanessa Holiday and took her body back to the lake.

List of Victims

  • 1: Sam Walters - Struck with bat, killed off-screen.
  • 2: Jamie Gibbs - Struck with bat, killed off-screen.
  • 3: Coach Henry David Fredericks - Struck with bat, bat shoved down throat.
  • 4: Vanessa Holiday - Beaten with bat club.
  • 5: Bobby Spooner - Struck in the head with bat club.
  • 6: Devon - Stabbed through the torso with blade.
  • 7: Danny Evans - Decapitated.
  • 8: Kyle Tripper - Beaten with bat club.


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