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I know you ain't got the smack. And you probably don't know where the money is neither. That's cool. Well, the truth is: I ain't got nothing better to do, while I'm waiting for my old friend Nick.
~ Billy Hill.

Billy Hill is a supporting antagonist in the 1998 black comedy-crime movie Thursday.

He was portrayed by James LeGros, who also played Wade Messer in Justified.


Billy Hill is first seen in the opening scene along with Dallas and Nick in a gas station a Monday night when Dallas shoots the cashier dead in impatience.

Billy Hill later appears when he arrives to Casey's house while Dallas is raping Casey. He shoots Dallas in the head and starts to talk to Casey while still being tied up. Billy explains that he is not there for Nick's hidden money or the drugs Casey flushed, but just that he is there to torture him merely for fun while waiting for Nick. He also tells that he ones lured a woman home and tortured her for 16 hours.

When he is about to begin they hear police cars nearby, and Billy sees that the police shoots up the wrong house. When he comes back, Casey tied himself loose and hits Billy with a frying pan, and instead of killing him, ties him up in the garage along with Ice, a hitman who Casey knocked out earlier.

When the corrupt cop Kasarov arrives, he does Casey a favor by shooting Billy and Ice dead. Casey then has to cut up their body parts and put them in a garbage bag.

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