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Time. Tomorrow it becomes my friend. Tomorrow I live again. I have been such a good boy. Always doing what I’m told. Always being a gentleman. But I never forgot. Never stopped thinking about it. Yes, I have been so patient and understanding. Those were such fun times. I will never forget. Not ever.
~ Billy Kincaid, as he is being released from the mental institution.
You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream.
~ Billy singing.

William Kincaid, also known as Billy Kincaid, is a recurring antagonist in the Spawn series. He is a child killer and a pedophile, and one of the first major antagonists to have faced Spawn. He first appeared in Spawn #5.


In the comic series, Billy is released from a mental hospital due to being a suspect of causing children's deaths. He later attempts to kill children as much as he can without being caught and later encounters Cyan. He attempt to make Cyan his latest victim only for Spawn to show up and stop him. In the end he was killed by Spawn. Eventually thanks to Malebolgia's deal Billy had returned from the dead as a hellspawn to plague Spawn and many unfortunate victims.

Other Appearances

Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Billy Kincald appears in the animated series as one of the secondary antagonists in the first season. He was voiced by Ronny Cox.

In the series, Billy is the son of the senator Scott McMillan, who has been covering his son's terrible secret. Billy would drive his ice cream truck around the neighborhood, abducting children back home with him. Later, after he done with them, he dumps their mutilated bodies in garbage bags into Rat City's alleys.

While Billy was driving around in his truck, Clown appears and tells him to kidnap Cyan Fitzgerald, which leads Billy's demise. After Spawn battle and nearly killing Billy, he withheld and merely returned Cyan to her parents. While Billy had gotten injured and cries on the ground, Clown walks up to him. Billy tells him he wants his ice cream, Clown replied "Sorry asshole, we're all out of ice cream." Clown then pulls out a gun and shoots Billy in the head, killing him for good.

Video games

Billy Kincaid appeared in a few games such as Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn and the Game Boy Color game of Spawn.





  • As a Hellspawn Billy Kincaid is an evil counterpart to Spawn himself.


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