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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Billy Kincaid from the HBO series. The mainstream version can be found here: Billy Kincaid.

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Time to have that ice cream. Such a pretty one. Do you like the music? I like the music very much. Would you like to you dance? Just you and me. But first... I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream! Chocolate pecan, strawberry whirl! All... very good!
~ Billy to Cyan Fitzgerald.

Billy Kincaid is the central antagonist in the first season of Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Billy is a pedophile and serial killer who rapes and murders children. He is the illegitimate son of senator Scott McMillan, who has covered up his son's terrible secret for years.

He was voiced by Ronny Cox, who also voices Scott McMillian.


Billy is a sadistic and childish serial killer that repulsively obese, and a monstrous human being who enjoys kidnapping, raping, torturing, and murdering children by using his politeness to lure in his child victims into his ice cream truck.



Not much is known about Billy's backstory but he became a child killer due to his father McMillian not being there for him for most of his life.

Todd McFarlane's Spawn

Billy is first seen in his ice cream truck driving through the New York suburb, selling ice cream to kids in the playground. Before leaving, he lures a small child into his truck and drives off to his house.

While Billy Kincaid was cleaning up the blood off his equipment, he watches the news about the evidence was planted to frame the recent murders. Meanwhile, Violator watches Billy heading out for "work".

When Billy stopped as a red light,Violator stops him and says "Hello, Billy" to him, confusing the child-killer. Claiming to be a fan and admiring him, he invites Billy to a party at 13970 Runyon.

At the location, Cyan held by Tony Twist's goons. Billy breaks into the house, kills a henchman, and steals Cyan. Before escaping, a mafia member tries to stop him but ends up being killed. In his dying breath, one of the mafia members calls Tony to tell about the kidnapping.

He gets a call about what happened, Tony packs his clothes and gun in a suitcase and has a plane ready to leave the city to avoid being killed by Jason Wynn. However, Spawn stops by and threatens Him by hanging him out the window of a high-rise building. Tony tells Spawn that Cyan was stolen by some freak in an ice-cream truck.

After listening to the recorded conversations, Sam Burke and Twitch Williams cracked the case that McMillan and an unknown person, (Wynn), were covering for his murderous son from the public and framed Kyle Watson for the murders. Sam and Twitch and the police headed to Billy's home but Spawn beats them to the punch first. As Billy prepares to do his "work" to Cyan, Spawn approaches him and throws the candles at him, causing a fire to break out in the house. Billy takes Cyan and jumps into his truck and drives off to the city, which led him into a high-speed chase from the police.

Spawn jumps on top of the truck and punches through the roof to grab Billy. Billy spins the truck over into the alleyways. Billy grabs Cyan and goes into the darkness, which Spawn searches for him. Spawn corners and confronts Billy, the police set up a blockable entrance. Spawn uses his cape to Billy and holds him, who starts to begs "daddy" to save him. While considering killing him, Clown tries to have him kill Billy for his own desires. However, Spawn throws Billy to the ground and grabs Cyan and leaves. Clown walks up to Billy and shoots him in the head for failing the task.





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