''You probably know I'm not supposed to kill you, But I often do things I'm not supposed to.
~ Billy Kong

Billy Kong, born Jonah Lee, is the secondary antagonist of the novel Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony


Early life

Jonah Lee grew up in Malibu with his older brother, Eric. Eric was going out with the girlfriend of a gang member, but told Jonah he was out fighting shapeshifting demons. Eventually, Eric was killed by the gang member, and Jonah was convinced it was the work of a demon. As he grew up, he convinced himself that Erid lied to him about the demons, which prevented him from trusting anyone ever again.

Jonah Lee grew up to be a hitman. He killed a man in Taiwan and changed his identity to Billy Kong in order to escape justice. Kong was known to be a ruthless killer who would stop at nothing to get a job done.

The Paradizos

Kong took a job as a bodyguard to the Paradizo family. The paradizo family had recently encountered a demon  from Hybras, and wanted to capture another one. Kong wanted to help to see if demons were in fact real. He travelled with Minerva Paradizo to Mardrid, and later to Italy, where he managed to capture a Demon, N°1. He escorted N°1 to the Paradizo villa in France. In order to rescue N°1, Holly Short let herself be captured. Kong helped Minerva question N°1. He then went on to threaten Holly. Holly managed to escape, but inadvertently confirmed Kong's beliefs about evil, shapeshifting demons.

Kidnapping Minerva

After Holly and N°1 escaped, Kong threatened to kill Minerva's father and Juan Soto if shee didn't get another demon. Artemis  intervened and negotiated to trade Minerva for N°1. However, Artemis tricked Kong into demanding the exchange take place at Taipei 101, Taiwan. After they made the exchange, Kong planned to strap a bomb to N°1, and send him back to Hybras to kill all of the demons. N°1 let go of his silver, which let him escape and was grounded in the present by the silver pendulum in Taipei 101. Kong persued Artemis, Butler, Minerva, and N°1.  He broke into the room where they where hiding, bringing thee bomb. Butler managed to knock him out, but no one was able to deactivate the bomb. Artemis and N°1 took the bomb to Hybras. Afterwards, Bulter managed ot communicate to the police that Kong was actually Jonah Lee, and therefore he was arrested for murder.


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