Sometimes, perfection is not enough
~ Billy Parham

William "Billy" Geoffrey Fitzgerald Kitchener Parham III is a background character in the Cartoon Network series The Amazing World Of Gumball.

He was voiced by Richard Overall.


Billy serves as the the main antagonist of the Season 4 episode "The Pest ". In this episode, Anais feels angry because he is suffering of bullying by a child of her school. When she presents him to Gumball and Darwin, this first laughs because thinks he's so small for being a threat, but soon he will discover that he has underestimated him. Gumball and Darwin gives to Anais permission to beat him, but she backs out and inexplicably escapes.

Then, Gumball proposes Billy to resolve problems with a duel and both agree go to schoolyard before class to fight. Billy results being a worthy adversary using a stick as sword, until Gumball eats its and asked him why he hates his sister. Then, Billy, with a magnificent performance with shadow puppets, tells Gumball that he was a very lucky child. His parents are rich, and they always gave him away with expensive gifts. He was a genius and the first on class and had a lot of friends. But, like he says, "sometimes, perfection is not enough". One day, he met Anais, of which, having much in common with her, he fell in love. Unfortunately, Anais didn't feel the same and broke his heart. Hurt and humiliated, Billy refuges in bitterness and sarcasm. Then, Gumball encourages him teaching him that it can't be always happy because life has its ups and downs and that fighting does not solve anything.

Redeemed, Billy and Gumball are agree in make peace hugging each other but, in that moment, Anais (who results she has given herself a run up in order to concentrate all of her power in a single kick) rushes into view and kicks Billy.


  • He also appeared in "The Extras" and "The Egg" along with his mother Felicity.



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