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There's nothing more natural and more beautiful than loving a child.
~ Billy rationalizing his pedophilia

Billy Tripley is the main antagonist of the Law & Order Special Victims Unit episode "Sick". He is a rich toy mogul who the SVU team believe to be a child molester; however they are unable to convict him due to various factors.


During an investigation into J.J. Ostilow, an adolescent boy accused of threatening to kill a five-year old girl on an Internet chatroom, the Special Victims Unit discover that J.J. repeatedly shouted "Rape!" during a fight with a school bully, causing them to suspect that he may have been molested. When interviewed by Dr. George Huang, J.J. claims to have been molested by billionaire toy mogul Billy Tripley during a slumber party in his "Treasure Room". According to J.J., Billy paid his parents hush money and enforced a non-disclosure agreement after they confronted him.

Billy is arrested on suspicion of child molestation. In order to ascertain his guilt, Billy is asked to provide a pubic hair sample, but he has conveniently had his pubic hair removed. Despite this, the SVU detectives are able to get enough evidence to pursue a trial on the strength of J.J.'s allegations, as he is able to identify a birthmark on Billy's penis, among other details.

However, on the day of Billy's first appearance in court, a video is submitted of J.J. recanting the allegations, and soon after J.J. disappears. His father Jeremy is ordered to produce his son as a witness, but refuses and is held in contempt. Eventually, the SVU detectives locate J.J. in Maine at an uncle's house, but the two flee to Canada, forcing the court to acquit Billy. ADA Casey Novak theorizes that Billy threatened to enforce the NDA with J.J.'s family unless they made him recant the allegations.

Despite this, SVU's investigation of Billy continues, as Nora Hodges, the grandmother of a young girl named April, comes forward and claims that Billy also abused April, a cancer patient. This leads to Billy being taken into custody again, only for the SVU to discover that April does not have cancer, and is in fact being poisoned with mercury by Nora as part of a cancer fraud scheme. This leads them to realize that she lied about April's abuse as part of a second scam to try and blackmail Billy. Nora admits this, and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

With the second allegation thoroughly discredited, Billy is released once again, and holds a "victory party" with the media. Frustrated that Nora's actions have discredited any further accusations against Billy, Detective Elliot Stabler vows that they will get him sooner or later. However, he never appeared in the show again.


  • Billy's story is based on the real-life accusations of child molestation against Michael Jackson. Specifically, J.J. knowing that Billy had a birthmark on his penis was taken from the Jackson case.
  • Billy appears to suffer from Peter Pan syndrome, a psychological condition in which adults are emotionally stunted and cannot form genuine adult relationships.


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