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Billy Walker is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street.

He was a mechanic and womanizer from Weatherfield who slowly developed into an overambitious resident who was willing to go illegit in order to achieve his own goals.

The character was portrayed by Kenneth Farrington, who also played Tom King in Emmerdale.


Billy was the son of beloved couple Jack and Annie Walker. For his early years in the show, Billy was a loveable rogue who got into trouble but wasn't inherently bad. However, he grew more sinister over time. Billy fell out with Annie due to her racism against his Chinese girlfriend but after Jack died he decided to forgive her and came to help her.

In 1973, Billy became an alcoholic and a gambler. He gambled as Annie was sworn in as Mayoress, something Hilda Ogden took delight in telling Annie about . Billy lost his job as a result and left for London. When Billy returned it was only to escape Stuart Draper who he had ripped off by selling him a car for far more than it's worth. Draper parked his vehicle outside Billy's garrage with a note warning customers that Billy was crooked. When Billy became interested in Deirdre hunt her ex Ray Langton made cracks about the age gap and Billy thumped him. After breaking up with Deirdre Billy left and barely visited his mother though he did return in 1978 and save her job by applying for the license for the rovers.

In 1979, Billy came back to get some money out of Annie. At the time Billy was pursuing Deidre and Annie would only give the money if he stopped. Billy chose Deirdre who turned him down anyway, feeling he'd be a bad father to Tracy.

When Billy took a more active role in the pub, he abused his power, barring people for minor offences and goading potman Fred Gee into hitting him so he could fire Fred without paying him any compensation. Mike Baldwin felt bad for Fred, forcing Billy to lift the ban by threatening to get people to boycott the place. When Billy deduced Deirdre was having an affair with Mike he chose to blackmail Deirdre's friend Emily Bishop for money. Mike found out about Some of Billy's dodgy business practices from a girlfriend and forced him to leave Emily alone.

After Billy's gambling led to the brewery buying him out, he left the street and was not seen again.