Binary Bard is the major antagonist of Astro-Knights Island and a recurring character in Super Villain Island of the Poptropica online role-playing game franchise.


Astro-Knights Island

On Arcturus, he was once Mordred who was loyal to his king and very skilled at creating highly advance technologies. He even created a robotic owl that he named Merlin and a robotic mouse. However, he was imprisoned for studying dark sciences after the king and queen became outraged as they soon discovered his true purpose for his machinery. Mordred escaped prison and flew away on a spaceship, even thought it wasn't finished. The spaceship probably crashed and he was injured by it, possibly explaining his robotic body parts and how he became Binary Bard. Sometime later, he attacked the kingdom and kidnapped the princess.

Super Villains Island

After his defeat, Binary Bard was arrested and taken to Super Villain island, where he was one of the four villains chosen for a dream experiment, inspired by Dr. Jupiter (who is actually Zeus in disguise). While you are in his dream, he is sitting in a chair as Mordred, who is struggling to go to the next room as the door keeps moving on its own. As you use the stop watch to freeze time, he escapes to the next room. He is later seen operating inside of a giant clock machine as Binary Bard. You defeat him by freezing time when his device's clocklike arms struck across some electric crystals. Once you defeat Binary Bard, his machine electrocutes and the item you are suppose to find appears. Once you collect all four dream items and give them to Dr. Jupiter, Dr. Jupiter reveals himself as Zeus and begins his reign of terror. This results with you and the four villains falling into the ocean, where the four villains escape by swimming away.


He takes the appearance of a jester, since he wears a dangly bell hat. Half of his face is robotic with a red laser eye. He also wears clothing that's half yellow and purple.

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