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Bing is a mirror character in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He serves as the main villain in Terror Cotta. He is the father of Fung and he creates living terracotta warriors to attack the Valley of Peace in hopes to conquer China.

He is the voice of John DiMaggio who also played his son Fung and Wall Eye in the same series, Big Rock Candy Monster in The High Adventures of Annoying Orange, Woolter and Jesse in Zootopia, Arthur in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Nawt and Bupkus in Teen Titans Go See Space Jam.


Earlier years

Bing once terrorized China using an army of terracotta warriors in crocodile images. His plans to conquer China were thwarted by a goat named Shibai.

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Bing is first seen scolding his son Fung for being a loser, yet offered him his job back. He made him shovel out the cess-pit for his terracotta warriors. When he learns that Fung recovered the Secret Formula for living Clay, Bing orders him to prepare an army of terracotta warriors. With his army completed, Bing restarts his plans to take over China, with the Valley of Peace being his first target. But Po ends up saving the day by blowing Wall Eye's flute to destroy the Terror Cotta warriors. At the end of the episode the croc bandits reunite with Fung, as Bing tried to escape, Po stepped on his tail and takes him to Chorh Gom Prison.