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Bingo is a villain from the Spawn comics.


Bingo is Satan's representative and was sent by him to get Spawn to hand over his suit to her master. Spawn refuses and mutilates her to tell her master that he is coming for him and save his wife from Hell.

Relaying Spawn's refusal to Satan, Bingo was rewarded with a restoration of her powers, though she remained permanently scarred on her face. She then recruited one of Hell's Guard to help block the path of Simmons.

Bingo watched as Spawn entered Hell. He directly challenged Satan and refused to give his suit to her master. She attempted to help him and attacked Spawn when he refused his offer, but she was quickly overwhelmed by Spawn's power and she would later attack Wanda but Spawn stopped her.

Powers and Abilities

Bingo is a demon with shapeshifting abilities.