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I wonder how the show's gonna end!
~ Bingo back when he was friendly.
Time's almost up...
~ Bingo's last and most famous words.

Bingo the Gorilla is a major antagonist in the 2019 direct-to-video horror comedy film The Banana Splits Movie. Bingo and his friends are animatronics created by Karl to entertain children as the Banana Splits. However, after the show is cancelled, Bingo and his friends start a killing spree.

He was portrayed by Buntu Plam and voiced by Eric Bauza.


Bingo is an orange gorilla wearing a pair of white sunglasses, yellow vest, and reddish-orange chucks. He has small dead-looking eyes, black hair, and a toothy grin.


Bingo at the beginning was another animatronic made to entertain children. However, after his show was cancelled, Bingo and his friends became murderers that kill without remorse. Despite this, he still wants to make children happy, as he kidnaps them so Fleegle and Drooper will give them a "show" that is made out of murdering mostly innocent people. However, this is the fault of his programming, as it malfunctioned.

Despite this, he is clearly against betrayal, as he was angry at Snorky for betraying him, and destroys him because of this.


Bingo at the beginning was a goofy mascot who was one of the mascots of The Banana Splits Show. After Stevie tells Bingo and his friends that their show was cancelled, they go on a killing spree, starting with Stevie himself, who was killed by Drooper.

Bingo later kidnaps the daughter of Jonathan, a man who wanted his daughter to be a part of the show.

Bingo later tries to kidnap and kill Austin, but Beth, Austin's mother, saves Austin by throwing Bingo off the bridge, making him lose the arm.

Drooper later brings Bingo to Karl, the creator of the animatronics, so he will be fixed. However, the kids the Splits kidnapped break out and lock Karl inside the cage.

Bingo later returns for the very end, after Fleegle and Drooper were destroyed, to kill the rest. However, Snorky, who redeemed himself earlier, attacks Bingo, starting a fight between the two robots. Bingo rips Snorky's heart-looking core out, while madly laughing. However, before Snorky dies, he uses the last of his energy to rip Bingo's head in half, killing him for good. Later, Poppy, who went mad after her boyfriend was killed, takes all of the Splits (including Bingo) with her, riding the Banana Buggy.



  • The Banana Splits Movie is speculated to be based on Warner Brothers cancelled Five Nights at Freddy's film.
  • During Snorky and Bingo's fight, Elephant and Lion sound effects played. Snorky makes the elephant noises, while Bingo makes the lion noises.
    • Despite this, Bingo is an ape.
  • Although Bingo has the most focus on the poster, he doesn't do much in the film.
  • Bingo has only three lines in the movie, two of them being a variation of "Time's almost up". Because of this, he has the fewest lines out of all the talking Splits.
  • Bingo has an axe on the cover, despite never using it in the movie.


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