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Kneel before the Queen!
~ Bink the Dwarf addressing everyone to kneel before the White Bitch as their "queen".

Bink is the right hand of The White Bitch and the secondary antagonist of the 2007 spoof comedy film Epic Movie. He is the parody of evil dwarf Ginarrbrik who serves as the cold-hearted Queen Jadis' loyal henchman.

He is portrayed by famous actor Tony Cox who played the unnamed Nelwyn warrior in the 1988 high fantasy movie Willow, and the "Black Leprechaun" bar patron in Leprechaun 2 featuring another famed actor Warwick Davis as the eponymous evil Leprechaun in the Leprechaun horror comedy movie series, Mrs. Parker's husband Mr. Parker in the first Friday stoner comedy movie, and Marcus "Elf" Skidmore in both Bad Santa and Bad Santa 2.

He is usually around the White Bitch and assists her. He is also the White Bitch's most loyal servant. Bink also helped the White Bitch fight against the resistance.

He is presumed dead after the final battle.