BioDarkdramon is one of the villains in Digimon Data Squad. He resembles a dragon-like android monster with a fearsome lance. He is Kouki's final Bio-Hybrid form.

While trying to rescue ElDradimon from being destroyed by the Gizumon, Marcus confronts Kouki for a showdown. Kouki Bio-Hybrid evolves into BioDarkdramon and begins to fight ShineGreymon. ShineGreymon attempts to defeat BioDarkdramon with his Glorius Burst attack, but BioDarkdramon stops him, saying that if he hit him, ShineGreymon will kill the innocent people. Instead, ShineGreymon summoned his GeoGrey Sword, a secondary technique, and was able to hit BioDarkdramon. Angrilly, BioDarkdramon tried to defeat ShineGreymon with his Dark Roar attack, but ShineGreymon tossed the attack into the water. ShineGreymon then finished BioDarkdramon off by impaling him in the stomach, thus reverting back to Kouki.


  • Dark Roar
  • Gigantic Lance
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