Bionic The Hedgehog is a major antagonist in parody webcomic, Asperchu.


Bionic was created by Ian Brandon Anderson. He sought to win Ian's love, but his creator had lost interest in him. Bionic was later brutally injured when he saved Asperchu (who had been slipped back in time) from getting struck during the beam duel between Ian's past and future selves only to be hit by the blasts. He would later find himself wheelchair-bound and brutally scarred.

Rejected by Ian, Bionic began plotting revenge against him. He allied with Metal Asperchu, providing him the locations of the Chaos Pickles in exchange for the robot carrying out various tasks for him. One of the things Bionic tasked Metalchu with was bringing him Ian Brandon Anderson. Metalchu succeeded in the task, but Chris and Mitch soon arrived to rescue Sonichu. Bionic killed Mitch in cold blood before escaping.

Bionic later reveals to Sonichu the truth about his parentage to drive him insane. With the electric hedgehog broken, Bionic leaves him to brutally murder Ian Brandon Anderson.

When Sonichu began to suffer a strange transformation, Bionic freed Sinestro so he could cure it. However, Sonichu stopped him, feeling this new form is much better.

Bionic later served as the judge for Asperchu's trial.