Angel "Bird" Vallelungua is Bane's second-in-command and lieutenant. First appearing in 1993's Vengeance of Bane, Bird was too born in a prison and toughened up to above intimidating levels like his supreme commander.

Vengenace of Bane


Bird as seen in the comics

After being rescued from the very prison he was born in by Bane, Bird and the other broken out inmates swore their lives to their savior, leading to the beginning of Bane's PMC. In his original comic book incarnation, Bird got his nickname from his pet Falcon, Talon.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Though Bird contains his unshakable loyalty towards Bane, in Arkham Origins, he doesn't have Talon, instead wields a wickedly sharp knife, and has almost unmatchable physical strength. After helping Bane ship his Venom throughout Gotham, he and his men were discovered by Batman in the My Alibi club, acting as one of the gang's hideout. Bird, along with his mercenaries were then taken down by the Dark Knight and thrown into Blackgate prison.

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