The Bird was a minor antagonist of Maya the Bee anime, as well as one of the supporting antagonists of the Maya the Bee CGI.


The bird is a predator and hunts for food (especially bugs) which they were terrified of those birds. He's very hungry, aggressive, and greedy towards the insects (in case Maya and her friends) because they were one who invaded the meadow. Before hunts the insects, he is intimidating, savage, and wrathful when his food escaped from him.


Maya the Bee anime

These's are the type of the birds who attacks the bugs for food in some episodes which he was portrayed as the main antagonists. The insects were terrified of the birds because those birds are want to kidnap and eat them.

Maya the Bee CGI

The bird is a former brown until he's maroon in the last two episodes. While he hunts for the insects when he sees, he wants to clear it the bugs from the meadow because he is aggressive and savage with them, however in the episode "Crack" he speaks while hunting for food until in "Max Has A Crush" which he was silent as normal begin to eat Bella. In the last two episodes, he becomes maroon bird and portrayed as vengeful, wrathful, and abusive which he catches every bugs for food when he sees, although he steals Barry's glasses while Maya and Willy tries to make the bird break the propolis to free his glasses in "Barry's Glasses".


  • He isn't acted like the Bird from A Bug's Life because he just anthropomorphic predator which is attempted to eat bugs. Normal animals are only sometimes anthropomorphic predators.
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