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The Bird Fang Mask is the fifth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters and is the main antagonist in episode 47 of 1976 TV series called Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

He is voiced by Akio Nojima who previously voiced a Diamond Mask and later voiced Abauta of the Research.


The Bird Fang Mask made his first appearance when he initially lead an attack directed by the Black Cross Führer to abduct kindergartners on a bus in order to lure the Gorengers. However that plan fails when the team used the full capacity of their Varidreen and Varitank to save the children even if the Bird Fang Mask used the Condolers to net the airship and then blow the children with a time bomb.

Back at Navarone Führer was frustrated with the Gorenger's maneuvers so he then directs the Bird Fang Mask with a new plan which is to abduct the Gorenger's commander and used him as a hostage so that way the team will give up their vehicle.

However the team got an idea that's involved a Trojan Horse which is the only way to get their commander back. So a bit later the team hands over their vehicle to the Black Cross Army, but during the exchange Yoko was hiding in the Varitank has taken out the Zolders and as for the Varidreen that the Bird Fang Mask is piloting it well turns out Shinmei used a remote control on the aircraft and ejects the Bird Fang Mask. Thankfully he was carrying a parachute after being ejected.

Once he landed onto the ground he sends out the Zolders to battle the team. Once the Zolders are taken out the Bird Fang Mask battles the team himself. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Gorenger Hurricane which it transformed into a blue bird, so when he placed the bird on his head it explodes taking him with it.


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