The Bishop of the Black Canons is a minor antagonist in the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood.

He was portrayed by the late Montagu Love.


The Bishop of the Black Canons, called simply "The Bishop," is the head of the Abbey of the Black Canons in Nottingham. A corrupt Norman man, he throws in his lot with Prince John. He's first seen at Nottingham Castle attending a feast, where he expresses his disdain for the Saxons. Later in the film, he and his entourage are robbed by Robin Hood and the Merry Men. Afterwards, he goes to the Kent Road Tavern, where a disguised King Richard and his men are also staying. One of Richard's men accidentally calls him "sire," and the Bishop, recognizing Richard's voice, promptly returns to Nottingham Castle where he tells Prince John and Sir Guy of Gisbourne about Richard's return, which leads to John dispatching Dickon Malbete to kill his brother. Later, Robin and the outlaws capture the Bishop and force him to help them gain entry into the castle to stop John's coronation. At the end, the Bishop is banished along with John and the other surviving villains.

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