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BLAM! You all get a taste of the Bitch Puddin'!
~ Bitch Puddin's famous quote.
They were all in on it! The whole town tried to kill me?!
~ Bitch Puddin's revealing Pastryville's plan.noicon

Bitch Puddin' is a recurring antagonist from Robot Chicken. She is arguably the most popular antagonist to have come from the series.

She is voiced by Katee Sackhoff, who also portrayed Bo-Katan Kryze in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian and Amunet Black in The Flash.


She is a blonde-haired girl who wears yellow clothes. As her name suggests, she is a very aggressive, insensitive, foul-mouthed, and sassy individual, and she often openly mocks the other characters from Strawberry Shortcake. For example, in the skit "Strawberryland Names" she called Baby-Needs-A-Name a C**tface, which Baby-Needs-A-Name proudly adopted. She's also shown raiding people's fridges and then breaking their possessions. Strawberry Shortcake has stated that Puddin' may, in fact, have Asperger's syndrome, but it's never exactly stated.

Puddin' later appeared in the Season 5 finale of Robot Chicken, and she engaged in a lengthy fight scene with the titular chicken to prevent him from rescuing his wife. The bionic chicken manages to kill her by using a sign (brought in in response to her insulting his mother) to beat her over a railing to a messy death.

She later reappears in the Bitch Pudding Special, an episode dedicated to her entirely. In this episode, the citizen of Pastryville decide to murder her after she insults them one time too many, attempting to do so by having a bird drop her into a volcano. However, she manages to escape and finds herself in the Schlorp village. After she successfully slays the Squirrel Wizard (and by mistake his life partner Trevor), the Schlorp's reward her by returning her home. She discovers the Strawberry Shortcake characters celebrating her apparent demise, and decides to take action. While they're singing a song based on said apparent demise, Bitch Puddin' traps them inside the church and proceeds to set it on fire. Though most of them manage to escape the inferno alive, Bitch Pudding successfully kills them all with a minigun.

Bitch Puddin' returns in the sketch "Bitch Pudding's The Crucible" from the episode "Zero Vegetables" where she attempts to have someone executed as a revenge for getting laid with her anymore. However, when her victim's wife shows a photograph of her husband and Puddin' having sex, the woman and Bitch Puddin' are accused of witchcraft and having extramarital sex respectively. Bitch Puddin' manages to escape death by swapping her clothes with Betty and rides off with a horse, as the latter is burnt alive alongside the woman accused of witchcraft.

Bitch Puddin' reappears once again in the sketch "Murder, She Bitched" from the episode "Blackout Window Heat Stroke" where she investigates the murder of an elder. After she assaults another elder, she is forced to solve the crime before midnight which she does by tracking the murderer in a factory and tosses him into hot plastic, killing him.


Wazzup, hoes?
~ Bitch Puddin' to Strawberry Shortcake and Baby-Needs-A-Name.
BLAM! Your name is C***face! You f***ing c***face! BLAM! C***face! Blam, c***face! BLAM, b**ches! (makes a horn sound) BITCH PUDDIN'!
~ Bitch Puddin'


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