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"Hooo-hooo, laughter is the best medicine!"

I'm Doctor Bitch Spasms, and I'm here to make you better!
~ Bitch Spasms

Bitch Spasms is a minor villain in the That Guy With the Glasses world. Bitch Spasms appears during the Nostalgia Critic's review of the Patch Adams movie and he proceeds to mock the Critic and taunt him with his humourless jokes and his irritating and painful humour.

Bitch Spasms keeps saying Laughter is the best medicine, to which the Critic says "Medicine is the best medicine!" but Spasms doesn't believe him and he asks if the Critic doesn't trust a doctor who looks like a clown, to which the Critic says no he doesn't.

Bitch Spasms wants to publically humiliate the Nostalgia Critic and destroy his mind by making him see that the movie he is reviewing is in fact good, and to crush his spirit and make him give up his business and ultimately his life. Bitch Spasms wants to utterly destroy the Critic.

Bitch Spasms also seems to embody the human form of the movie Patch Adams, he lies to the Critic about Patch Adams having no girlfriend, as shown in the film, who wasn't romantically involved with him, wasn't murdered, and was a man. Furious at Spasms' lies, (which for a moment had him convinced that the movie might have been right) the Critic decides to literally whip the movie, which giggles with Spasms' voice. Also, the Nostalgia Critic has nothing to say except the middle finger to Bitch Spasms through the movie for his constant lies. So, near the end of the film, he takes Bitch Spasms' DVD form out onto a boat and kills it.

Bitch Spasms also pops up when the Critic is pointing out the movie's flaws and Spasms looks at his watch and says "Any minute" which repeatedly shows the Critic looking pissed off with Spasms and then Bitch Spasms throws his fake nose at the Critic, hurting him. Spasms has a habit of popping up whenever the Critic doesn't want him to such as when he has just said he needed lots of rest after seeing the movie because it was so bad.

Bitch Spasms then appears at the end of the review and tries to annoy the Critic but the Critic has finally had enough and shoots him dead, twice

In a later video, the Critic reveals that Bitch Spasm's corpse is still on the floor of his room, commenting that "I really need to get around to moving that".


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