Bizarro Face
I'm you... only a little more bizarre.
~ Bizarro to Clark in "Phantom".

Bizarro is a villain appearing in the WB/CW television show Smallville, and is the show's version of the villain Bizarro from the comics.

He was portrayed by Tom Welling, who also portrayed Kal, Kal-El, and Clark Luthor in the same series, and Marcus Pierce in Lucifer.


The being that would later become Bizarro was created in a laboratory on the planet Krypton, but was sent to the Phantom Zone when he proved to be a danger to the population. For twenty years, he remained imprisoned in the Phantom Zone until he was accidentally freed along with a few others by Clark Kent (who had earlier been sent to the Phantom Zone by Zod).


Bizarro heat

Bizarro's heat vision.

As a Phantom, Bizarro was completely obsessed with finding a Kryptonian to give him a body by copying their DNA and killed countless people, hosts and others without remorse. He was also very sadistic, taking pleasure in slaughtering innocents.

After copying Clark's DNA, Bizarro decided upon himself to take over Clark's life. Oddly, due to his genetic template, Bizarro eventually stopped murdering innocent people, became more intent on simply living Clark's life and had genuine feelings for both Lana Lang and Lois Lane, Clark's love interests. He was even shown to be a far more affectionate and helpful boyfriend than Clark had ever been. He also exhibited genuine heartbreak when Lana decided to betray him for Clark.

However, he definitely was a jerk, groping Lois and killing countless civilians to survive. He was also far more confident than Clark, even being able to fly.


Unlike his counterpart, who wears a blue shirt with a red jacket, Bizarro wears a dark red shirt with a blue jacket. He appeared identical to Clark until exposed to direct sunlight, in which case his skin shifts into gray, geometric fragments.

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