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Our master insists that we come inside.
~ The Black-Eyed Children to T.A.

Black-Eyed People are recurring antagonists in the Slenderverse.

They are based on the real life urban legend of same name.



A duo of Black-Eyed People named Josh & Emma Colins also know as The Kids are main antagonists in the series, first appearing in the video of same name. Prior to the events of the video, they were missing children whose bodies were never found. During the video, they are seen in Tristan and T.A.'s front door asking if they could use a house phone, T.A. replies saying that she doesn't have a house phone, causing The Kids to ask for a cellphone, which was dead. After a couple of seconds insisting, they began yelling at T.A. with a distorted voice, again insisting to come inside. Believing it was a prank, T.A. runs way to Tristan's room and begins to make fun of them. Much later during the video entitled The Killing, they are seen caring a bag with something heavy inside, which was revealed to be the body of a 5 years old child who let them go inside the house. One year later in the video entitled The Answers, it was revealed by Omega that the missing children were somehow brought to a different timeline and transformed into monsters.


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