Black is the main antagonist in Hero of Many and the leader of black water-beings who opposes Hero the leader of white water-beings and the protagonist.

Role in plot

He was originally Grey but was turned black prior the game's story. He started his attack against white water-beings and other Ball-shaped creatures. He conquered the blue world and continued his campaign.

He first appears in mission 8 where is revealed as the true leader of black water-beings. Soon he gets to fight with Hero which ends very quickly and Hero was defeated. They met again when Black led attack against the healed Tree of Life but his effort was unsuccessful and so he had to retreat. Their next meeting was turned into race which Black actually lost and soon after his forces lost Red World. Black's counter-attack was quick and strong. He pushed all white wter-beings from this world and Ball-shaped creatures had to run.

When Hero sacrificed himself for Red Quen, Black captured Friend and Kraken  later turned him to Black Captain. During the final battle was Black pushed to lighthous that served as his command post. There his last battle occured. He was killed by Hero who absorbed him.

He was last seen during the credits. He was Grey once again which indicates that he could be redeemed.


He proved himself to be very strong. He was the strongest Ball-shaped creature eventhough Hero probably overcame him at some moment. They both have good leading skills as the gather and lead swarm of water-beings. Black can also use wave power that can chuck white ones away. Thank to this he easily defeated Hero during their first fight.

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