This will always be a world of dictators.
~ Black Adam.
Good and evil are not constants. They are defined by those with power.
~ Black Adam talking to Supergirl before confronting her.

Black Adam is a major antagonist in the Injustice series.

Like most incarnations of the character, he is the former wizard champion Shazam that was corrupted by its power and the ruler of Kahndaq, but he joined Superman's One-Earth Government regime because it resembles his own government. He is classified as a Power User and uses magical powers derived from the Gods of Ancient Egypt.

He was voiced by Joey Naber, who also voiced Shazam in the same franchise.



Teth-Adam was raised as the son of the legendary Ramses II. When he reached adulthood, he approached the magician known as Shazam, where he was bestowed with the powers of the Egyptian gods (the representatives were Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen).

This gives you the ability to take advantage of them. saying the magic word "SHAZAM!" Since then, Adam lived within his new form to maintain immortality, going on to rule his own country, Kahndaq. Adam has also used his powers for evil, but only to defend his country. To Shazam's chagrin, he contacted his new apprentices, the Marvel Family (led by Billy Batson as Shazam) to stop Adam's evil ways. This ended up resulting in a lifelong rivalry between the two, which spanned several years.

Year One

Before the events of the first game, Black Adam fights various members of the Justice League on Kahndaq after a country fires a projectile at his domain. In a frenzy, Black Adam goes on a murderous rampage and destroys the city from which he believes the howitzer was fired. He rips off Cyborg's arm before being stopped by Wonder Woman and Superman. Diana ties Teth-Adam with her Lasso of Truth to ask Adam if there is a way for him to stop killing people. Adam says nothing will stop him and tells Shazam that he is choosing the same path as Adam: he will bring peace to his world through fear. Diana forces Adam to say his magic word, Shazam !, transforming him back into Teth-Adam. He survives the transformation, but cannot say his word to return to Black Adam after Diana covers her mouth.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Black Adam has joined with Superman's One Earth Government, claiming Superman based his rule in Kahndaq. He appears alongside the alternate Wonder Woman to confront the duplicates of their Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Diana in the Batcave as they attempt to retrieve a kryptonite based weapon to subdue Superman. Adam tackles the duplicate Wonder Woman when she briefly lets her guard down at the sight of her doppelganger.

Aquaman manages to get Adam in a chokehold with his trident but Adam quickly knocks him out by flying up and slamming Arthur onto the cave's roof. Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern attempt to bind Adam but he unleashes a stream of lightning that knocks the three out, only leaving Green Arrow to face him. Although it was powerful. Ollie had earlier taken a pill supplement that Superman gives his troops for added endurance, allowed to somehow defeat Adam and let the heroes escape.

Much later, Adam appears alongside Superman and his gathered forces to battle Batman's Insurgency on Stryker Island. During the battle, he works with Hawkgirl to attack the duplicate Green Lantern but chooses to chase after Lex Luthor when he reveals his betrayal. Adam is knocked unconscious by one of Lex Luthor's missiles during their chase, and falls onto a nearby sidewalk.

Adam appears in Superman's Fortress of Solitude, proclaiming anarchy cannot be allowed to spread when he learns of the people's insurrection. Adam is called to Superman's side when the Man of Steel declares his intentions to attack Metropolis and Gotham and witness Shazam's murder at the hands of Superman.

At the end, Adam is attacking Gotham, and is about to crush Aquaman under a car when the duplicate Superman intervenes. Though Clark tries persuade Adam to return to Kahndaq, but chooses to attack Superman instead, even lobbing cars at him. Despite his claims of equaling Superman's strength, Black Adam is defeated and frozen in place by Clark's freeze breath, to be arrested with the rest of the members of the Regime.

Injustice 2

Black Adam is immune from prosecution when the Regime fell, allowing him to bide his time, rescue Wonder Woman from Themyscira, and train Supergirl, a Kryptonian he found conserved in her space ship, away from the prying eyes of Batman. This isolation also allowed Adam and Wonder Woman to hide Superman's crimes from Supergirl so it would be easier to turn her against his enemies.

As Gorilla Grodd reveals the Society to the world, Adam sees Supergirl returning from an orbital flight and reprimands her, reminding her that the world's ignorance of her would be their greatest asset in rescuing her long-lost cousin, Superman.

Black Adam watches Brainiac's ship enter Earth's atmosphere using his crystal ball, only for Supergirl, terrified of the ship, to demand they go find Superman immediately.

Taking advantage of the hysteria of Brainiac's invasion, Black Adam blows a whole into the Red Sun Prison holding the fallen Regime members, floating over the pro-Regime protesters outside the prison. Adam sabotages the prison's generators with his lightning before Blue Beetle and Firestorm confront him in the Power Center and knock him out. He recovers in time to join Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Cyborg, and Robin in charging Superman's cell. Firestorm activates a nuclear explosion in an attempt to keep the Regime from freeing Superman, but the standoff is defused when Batman arrives to free Superman himself, allying his forces with the Regime, to Adam's surprise.

Black Adam sits between Harley Quinn and the Flash at a meeting between Batman's forces and the Regime loyalists. He remains silent, crosses his arm when Batman orders everyone to avoid killing, stands up first at the meeting's adjournment, and accompanies Superman to his Fortress of Solitude.

As soon as Superman restores his powers in his Fortress, Adam requests to be allowed to return to Kahndaq before Brainiac locates it despite its magical protection. He leaves the room so Superman can talk to Supergirl in private, only to blast her with lightning minutes later to stop her from escaping the Fortress and the Regime. She angrily accuses him of lying to her about the evil of the Regime, which Adam dismisses out of his belief that evil is decided by those with power.

Supergirl defeats Black Adam and then her cousin, but further conflict is interrupted by the acceleration of Brainiac's attacks on Earth. Scared for his homeland, Black Adam speaks urgently about the need to return to Kahndaq.

Upon Superman's supposed death at Brainiac's hands, Black Adam flies to Metropolis alongside Wonder Woman to meet with Batman and the other heroes. With all scientific options exhausted. Adam forwards that a magical solution may be needed to solve the problem of Brainiac's invincibility. With help from Aquaman, Adam formulates a plan to channel the Rock of Eternity's magic into the Trident of Poseidon and strike down Brainiac's shields, opening him up to normal attack.

Within an hour, Aquaman and Adam arrive in Kahndaq to open the gateway to the Rock of Eternity through a powerful release of magical energy, alerting Brainiac to Kahndaq's location. By the time the gate is fully open, Brainiac has already sent two brainwashed heroes (Green Arrow and Black Canary), a horde of gorillas, and a spaceship to stop the two monarchs and devastate Kahndaq. The monarchs subdue Brainiac's forces and are surprised to reunite with Blue Beetle, who is revealed to be a puppet of Gorilla Grodd when he attacks Adam the second he starts channeling the Rock of Eternity's magics. The kings beat Beetle and kill Gorilla Grodd.

Black Adam, with little time to spare, sits in front of the Rock of Eternity and surrounds himself with electrical magic, before invoking the magic of "Shazam" and shouting a wave of magical lightning into Aquaman's trident. With the King of Atlantis's guidance, the attack hits Brainiac's flagship and leaves him vulnerable for the first time.

After the defeat of Brainiac, Black Adam meets Superman and Batman aboard Brainiac's flagship as the heroes debate whether to kill Brainiac or leave him to return the cities of Earth. As Batman and Superman begin to fight, Adam grabs Supergirl from behind and flies her away from her cousin before she can help Green Lantern in his battle with him. Adam smiles as he pumps two streams of electricity into Supergirl, before turning his hand to fire one of the streams into Batman and tackling the mortal out of the ship. He dangles Batman above Gotham City before letting him drop to the concrete. Unwilling to surrender, Adam engages in a losing battle with Batman and is defeated, making him vulnerable to prosecution in America and possibly imprisoning him for his crimes.

Classic Battle

Injustice: Gods Among Us

After the defeat of Superman, Black Adam realized that the inhabitants of Earth were too weak to fit the vision of his government of Kahndaq, so he returned to his homeland for a new plan.

Black Adam and his empress, Isis, created a mystical barrier around Kahndaq to rule their kingdom in peace, considering an oasis in the wasteland of human civilization after destroying all other life forms on Earth.

Injustice 2

Black Adam returns to Kahndaq devastated by Brainiac's attack, his beloved queen was dead and was taken to the Wells of Lazarus, with the intention of reviving her, but Ra's al Ghul prohibited entry.

So Black Adam offered a trade: access to the Wells of Lazarus in exchange for his help bringing him to power, as Ra's admired Superman's regime, but felt he should have gone further. Although Black Adam does not agree with Ra's, he accepted his terms, he would pay any price to be with his wife again, and Batman appears defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Black Adam possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina and invulnerability on par with Superman himself, as well as the power of flight and a significant ability in magical manipulation, as Adam is capable of using his magic beam in various ways other than those of that Billy can make, shaping him into lightning bolts that he can conjure from his hands, orbs for protection or throwing, he can even shape him into a cage around him that he can transform into a larger lightning bolt.



  • Unlike Shazam, Black Adam receives his powers from various deities in Egyptian mythology: Shu's stamina, Heru's speed, Amun's strength, Zehuti's wisdom, the power of Aten, and Mehen's courage.
  • Black Adam's intro animation is an allusion to his original appearance, in which Adam returns to Earth after being banished to outer space for five thousand years.
  • Black Adam is considered to be one of the incredibly powerful characters, being able to defeat lesser metahumans with relative ease, until he was overpowered by Superman singlehandedly and has even been temporarily held in place by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam. His only true weakness is if he is forced to revert to his human form after uttering his magic word, "Shazam", and is struck by divine lightning that can weaken him.


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