Black Bodhi is a terrorist cult founded by Kugai Kudo and the secondary antagonists of Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Duke.


Based from an abandoned warehouse, Black Bodhi was formed by Kugai Kudo from the civilians he brainwashed to be his followers with the Zakuro Lockseed. Kudo used his followers as suicide bombers during his attack on the Yggdrasill Corporation, plotting to use the company's resources to become a god to in his view save the world.

Despite Kugai's demise, the group continued to live on through Shura's Neo Baron fight club, with Kugai supplying Shura with a Sengoku Driver and Zakuro Lockseeds so Shura could enact the Saver System to wipe out all those he deems unworthy.


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