Black Bomberman is one of the major characters in the Bomberman video game series. He was originally originally introduced as a villain in the first games of the franchise, as the White Bomberman's rival and also the leader of his own gang of Bombermen, leading Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Bombers.

His first significant role was in the TurboGrafx-16 Bomberman, in which he was the second robot by Dr. Mitsumori after White Bomberman. However, unlike his predecessor, a programming error made him veer from a righteous path. He kidnapped Dr. Mitsumori's daughter, Lisa, and escaped to the Mechanical Castle, but was defeated by White Bomberman. The two quickly became rivals. In Bomberman II, Black Bomberman framed White Bomberman for a bank robbery. Bomberman '93 he shut down a mother computer by stealing power circuits, but at the end of the same game he is defeated and redeems himself as an ally of White Bomberman in the following games.

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