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Black Box real name Garabed Bashur and also known as Commucast  is a villain in the Marvel Comics and  the main villain of the Deadpool series as Deadpool's most recurring foe.He is a mutant Tecnopath that once stuided under Charles Xaiver to master his powers until he became a criminal.


Garabed Bashur was orginally a student of Charles Xaiver who wanted to controll his powers. However he later uses his powers for Criminal Activites thus Xaiver rejected him and kick him out of his school. Bashur used the knowledge he received and continued his criminal Activites to get fortune.He later command his small mercnary team called Executive Elite. In the beginning of the Deadpool Series he orginally started off with the name Commcast and his group was targeted by Deadpool for his employer.Deadpool was almost successful in killing the entire group except for Commcast that surprisingly survived the initial attack. The truth of his survival was through the death of one of his clone replicas that easily fell to Deadpool’s blade, which made the mutant assassin very suspicious. After the asssaination of his group Commucast went into hiding while Xavier aquired his tecnopathinc ablity to restore data which were corrupted by the Phalax.Commucast was trying to hide from one of Sabretooth's targets and hired Marvarak another Mercinary to protect him. Commucast later changes his name into Black Box and had since become  a recurring foe for Deadpool in his series.

In the Ultimate Marvel universe an alternative version of Black Box appears and joined Kitty pride who he provides the technology and resources to stop William Stryker.

powers and ablities

He possesses the power to absorb and decipher electronic signals. Through a technique known as Cyberpathy, he can receive and store all forms of electronic data and transmissions in his mind. Bashur has an infinite storage capacity in his mind, containing every piece of information he has been exposed to. Unfortunately, this data is streamed into his mind far faster than he can accurately scan it all consciously.

He retains his powers after M-day.

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