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Zoe Aves, better known as Black Cuervo, is the secondary antagonist of the Nickelodeon cartoon series El Tigre. She bullied Frida for years in their childhood and still hates her to this day.

She was voiced by Candi Milo.


Black Cuervo is the youngest daughter of a family of supervillains. She first met Manny in preschool, before he even met Frida. They were friends during that time, but it all changed when Manny met Frida in kindergarten during detention. Once it became apparent that he had chosen Frida over her, Zoe began her feud against Frida over Manny and bullied her with no remorse.

Enter the Cuervo

Black Cuervo first appears "Enter the Cuervo" when Frida invited the whole school except Zoe. due to there rival back in preschool. after Frida left, Zoe swears revenge on her for not inviting her by planning to use Manny. Manny is picking the right cardboard for Frida's piñata when he spots a police chase outside. Black Cuervo is on the run and wreaking havoc at the same time. Seeing Mrs. Chichita nearby (who is oblivious to what's going on), he transforms into El Tigre and saves her. He then goes to confront Black Cuervo and is surprised to see that she is a girl. He then takes off after her, and the two land on a building. When she first met El Tigre, she tricked him into wreaking havoc on Miracle City with her. She was scolded by her family when she developed a crush on El Tigre.

Later, however, after picking up a cardboard for the piñata, he stops to meet with Black Cuervo on the top of the roof. As El Tigre, he tells her about his promise. She thinks he's a goody-goody, but he insists he is the "baddest macho in all of Miracle City". the two then go off to mischief to cause mischief together.

this later caused Manny and Frida to have an argument, which at the end Frida uninvited Manny. as Zoe gleefully succeeded her plan. Black Cuervo meets El Tigre watching sadly from the rooftop, and persuades him to ruin Frida's night. They proceed it until he spots Frida wearing a belt buckle he made her. Realizing what a bad friend he's been, he turns on Cuervo and they battle until El Tigre successfully defeats her with the Spinning Armadillo.

She calls her two allies Voltura and Lady Gobbler (Who are both her mother & grandmother) to take her away and while she swears revenge on El Tigre (whom she now has feelings for).

Fool Speed Ahead

In "Fool Speed Ahead", she is one of the villains who were competing in the annual event: Miracle City Supervillain Grand Prix, where she is later defeated by Puma Loco and El Tigre.

Eye Caramba

In "Eye Caramba",

Clash of The Titan

in "Clash of The Titan", Black Cuervo makes a cameo along with various supervillains & later defeated by Titanium Titan (who pretended to become a superhero again).

Burrito's Little Helper

In "Burrito's Little Helper", she and her family rob the jewellery store. Dobbie comes in and El Tegire sings his song that the flock get away.

The Good, The Bad, The El Tigre

In "The Good, The Bad, The El Tigre", Black Cuervo appeared along with various supervillains. later, she was later one of the villains chained up (Alongside Cactus Kid, Senor Siniestro, El Oso, El Mal Verde, El Tarantula, General Chapuza, Comrade Chaos, and Mano Negra, Lady Gobber, and Dr. Chipotle Sr.) as part of Django's Plan. it is unknown why she is Sartana's enemy. Later, she is later freed along with the rest of the supervillains, thanks to El Tigre.

Tigre + Cuervo Forever

In "Tigre + Cuervo Forever", Manny uses Black Cuervo to get information about what the Flock of Fury is doing, later Manny (as El Tigre) accidentally reveals to his father that he was pretended to like Cuervo just to get information. this causes Black Cuervo (who is Zoe), to try to destroy him for it, however, El Tigre apologizes to her and tells her that he's going make it up to her. Zoe asks how is he going to do that, he answers since they are fighting, he going to make her win, this angers Zoe who later defeats Manny. at the end of the episode, it's revealed that she still likes him.

The Cuervo Project

In "The Cuervo Project", Zoe partnered with Manny and Frida for there Science fair project, and there project was to be a volcano. Frida tells Manny that would be a good idea, & that she wants Zoe to fall into the volcano, while Zoe overhears Frida.

No Boots, No Belt, No Brero

In "No Boots, No Belt, No Brero", they tried to destroy the Rivera men, but the Rivera men defeated them. she is then defeated (except El Tarantula and some other villains who redeemed themselves) along with Dr. Chipotle Sr., Dr. Chipotle Jr., Guacamole Monster, Senor Siniestro, El Mal Verde, Volturia, Lady Gobbler, El Oso, Sartana of the Dead, Django of the Dead, Titanium Titan, General Chapuza Calevera Zombies, the octopuses, the villains of Calavera, & (presumably other villains in the world) and ended up defeated by getting burned by a Volcanic fire and later is piled along with all the villains.


  • Zoe's last name, "Aves", means "birds" in Spanish.
  • In the Latin American (Mexican) version of El Tigre, in every one of her appearances, she has a different actress, except in "The Cuervo Project", and "No Boots, No Belts, No Brero", where her first VA returned to reprise her role.
  • It has also been said that Manny Rivera has a small crush on Zoe, but not her alter ego, Cuervo.
  • A cameo of Zoe appeared along with Frida in a short of Cartoon Network's MAD.
  • It is revealed by the creator of El Tigre, "Jorge Gutierrez", that she used to be Manny's Friend until he got detention & later become Frida who would later become enemies with Zoe.
  • Jorge Gutierrez confirmed that Zoe and Manny could date during high school, before breaking up. Zoe could later date Django of the Dead to make Manny jealous, but the two eventually fall in love.
  • He also confirmed that Zoe is the reincarnation of Acat.


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