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Sometimes, you have to choose power over love.
~ The Black Fairy to her son Rumplestiltskin.
Well, that's just the thing, Miss Swan… The curse, that Dark Curse. It and all of the darkness you've ever faced, was born out of one twisted soul: the Black Fairy.
~ Mr. Gold to Emma Swan.
Emma. I've been waiting a very long time to meet you. I created the Dark Curse, you were born to break it. We've been destined to clash since the beginning of time. I never should have sent an emissary to do what only I can.
~ The Black Fairy and Emma Swan meet for the first time.

Fiona, or also better known as The Black Fairy, is the main antagonist of the ABC fantasy TV series Once Upon a Time, serving as the overarching antagonist up to Season 5 and the main antagonist of Season 6, being the main antagonist of the Emma Swan Saga (Season 1-6). She is the mother of Rumplestiltskin, the former wife of Malcolm/Peter Pan, the grandmother of Baelfire and Gideon, and the great-grandmother of Henry Mills.

She is portrayed by Jaime Murray, who also portrays Nyssa al Ghul in Gotham, Carmilla Pines in Sleepy Hollow, and Lila West in DEXTER.


As a mortal woman, Fiona had long dark hair, and appeared to be of Asian descent. After becoming the Black Fairy, she gained black fairy wings that she revealed occasionally, and always dressed in black garments. As Mayor, her outfit closely resembled that of Regina when she was in charge during the first season. Also, due to her fairy status, Fiona was immortal, and subsequently retained her youth and beauty despite the many, many years she had lived.

Powers and Abilities

Even before Fiona became a fairy, it was once observed that she had studied more fairy lore than most fairies. After she unknowingly embraced her evil destiny, Fiona became the Black Fairy - one of the most powerful fairies of all time, as well as the Great Evil that Emma Swan was destined to fight. Even her own son, Mr. Gold, at full power noted that, if he had to destroy the town to defeat her, it was a risk he would have to take. In the end, he destroyed her with her very own wand when she was at her absolute most vulnerable, both physically and emotionally.

Examples of powers she possessed were:

  • Knowledge of Fairy Lore: As a mortal woman, Fiona studied an extensive amount of fairy lore in an attempt to avert a prophecy. This led to her accumulating the knowledge to transform herself into a fairy, and later to create a curse that she believed was the answer to protecting her son.
  • Spell-casting: Through extensive knowledge of fairy lore and the use of Tiger Lily's wand, she was able to speak an incantation in fairy language that transformed her into a fairy herself. Given how Tiger Lily was completely shocked by the successful transformation, and noted that it was supposed to be impossible, Fiona could actually be viewed as a prodigy of sorts in spell-casting even before she became a full magical being.
  • Dark Magic: The Black Fairy was skilled in dark magic, and was able to create curses. 
  • Fairy Magic: As a fairy, she had many magic abilities, including flying via wings, changing her size from fairy size to human size or vice versa, she could manipulate fairy dust as well. Her fairy magic granted her a number of potent magical abilities. 
  • Telekinesis: The Black Fairy has displayed the ability to move objects and people through sheer force of her mind, some examples include telekinetically throwing Regina out of her way and later applying a telekinetic choke upon Zelena, she was also able to cause rocks from the mine wall to fall to distract Regina and Zelena.
  • Teleportation: The Black Fairy is able to transport herself from one place to another in the blink of an eye, usually disappearing in a swirling cloud of black smoke and reappearing at her desired location in the same cloud of smoke.
  • Heart Ripping: The Black Fairy is able to plunge her hand into a person's body and literally rip their heart right out of their chest, while it's in her hand, the person still lives, but while she possesses the person's heart she is able to completely control said person, or, she can kill the person by crushing the heart into ash.
  • Shape-shifting: The Black Fairy is able to take on the appearance and shape of another person, as shown when she disguised herself as Snow White in order to get the location of the Savior's Wand from Mother Superior.
  • Energy Blasts: The Black Fairy can release powerful blasts or bursts of dark, magic energy from her hands, she displayed this ability against both Regina and Emma (it had no effect on the latter however, because Emma's magic melody deflected her blast).
  • Transformation: The Black Fairy can change the color of objects, as shown when she turned Emma's white wedding dress black.
  • Magic Deflection: The Black Fairy is able to completely deflect/absorb magic, specifically, an energy blast from Zelena, which she completely ignored before getting up and redirecting Zelena's magic up at the fairy crystals surrounding them.


  • Squid Ink: The Black Fairy can be immobilized by squid ink. Although because she is so powerful it only lasts for less than a minute.
  • Laws of Magic: Like any magic user, the Black Fairy is subject to the laws of magic. As a result, she is unable to raise the dead, create love, and time travel.
  • Entering a land without magic: Should the Black Fairy enter a Land Without Magic, she will be unable to practice her powers unless she brings a magical totem with her.


  • Malcolm/Peter Pan (separated husband) †
  • Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold/Weaver (son) †
  • Malcolm's Father (father-in-law)
  • Milah (ex-daughter-in-law; Baelfire's mother) †
  • Belle/Belle French (daughter-in-law; Gideon's mother) †
  • Baelfire/Neal Cassidy (firstborn grandson) †
  • Gideon (secondborn grandson)
  • Emma Swan (unofficial granddaughter-in-law; Henry's mother)
  • Henry Mills (great-grandson; through Milah and Baelfire)
  • Cinderella/Jacinda Vidrio (great-granddaughter-in-law; Lucy's mother)
  • Lucy Mills/Vidrio(great-great granddaughter; through Milah, Baelfire, and Henry)



  • Although the Evil Queen was the main antagonist for the first half of the sixth season, the Black Fairy is the true villain of the season from behind the scenes.
  • The Black Fairy is the main antagonist of the entire series as she abandoned Rumplestiltskin to be raised by Peter Pan, embittered and hateful of their son for causing her disappearance, when he was a baby, which indirectly led to Rumplestiltskin being abandoned by Peter Pan as well and becoming the Dark One. She also created the Dark Curse, which was obtained by Rumplestiltskin and cast by Regina, causing the entire events of the series to unfold.
  • According to a casting call for the character of Merida, intended to hide her true identity and referring to her as Rumplestiltskin's mother, the Black Fairy's name was "Evanna"; This is later proven false as it is revealed that her real name is Fiona.
  • Fiona claims she "practically invented dark magic", as well as other characters (and even actors and writers) in the series calling her the most powerful enemy ever faced as well as the source of all the darkness they had ever faced. While it is true that darkness does predate Fiona as Nimue was the original embodiment of The Darkness and existed many years before Fiona, Fiona herself crafted and practiced the most powerful form of dark magic known on the show, being feared by all, even fairies. Due to her creating the Dark Curse, she can be seen as the true instigator for all of the battles and dark events that the heroes, and even villains, have faced, as she kickstarted the events of the series which ultimately brought everyone to Storybrooke to begin with.
    • It is debatable whether she is the most powerful enemy on the show, as Hades (who has existed long before The Darkness) is himself an immortal god, as well as the Holy Grail recipients Merlin and the Dark Ones, whose waters gave them god-like abilities such as immortality and unmatched magical abilities which instantly made them the most powerful magic users in all the realms, (especially Rumpelstiltskin with the power of the entire Dark One line). However, Fiona does also have some similarities, being herself a powerful fairy that does give her deity like properties that are inhuman.
  • The Black Fairy shares similarities with her husband, Peter Pan.
    • Both are the parents of Rumplestiltskin, of whom they abandoned at a young age after not making the right decision for his sake, putting him on the path of becoming the Dark One. Their identity as his parents were revealed in the eighth episode of the season they appeared in.
    • Both ruled over dark mysterious realms in which time moves differently (Neverland, the Dark Realm).
    • Both kidnapped many children, and eventually abducted their own grandsons (Pan's shadow brought Baelfire to Neverland, the Black Fairy snatched Gideon from the Blue Fairy).
    • They had no hesitance with harming their family members; Pan tricked their great-grandson Henry into willingly giving him his heart so that former could obtain immortality while the latter would die and was prepared to kill their first grandson Baelfire and (future) daughter-in-law Belle to spite their son while the Black Fairy took their second grandson Gideon's heart to enslave him, tried to crush the heart of their unofficial granddaughter-in-law Emma, put Belle in a paranoid state under her curse, and injured Henry so Emma would lose her belief.
    • They used something of their great-grandson, along with adoptive and biological mothers' love for him, to further their plans; Pan needed Henry's heart to make his youth permanent and looked through his storybook to restart his plans while the Black Fairy translated the runes made from his authorial powers on how to win the Final Battle.
    • The sole difference is that while the Black Fairy loved Rumple in her own twisted way, Pan really harbored a spiteful hatred of their son, blaming him for her disappearance (along with seeing him and the rest of their family as a burden). In spite of this difference, both once offered their son a chance to start over as a family with them.
    • Their son states they are more than a match for him.
    • Also as Peter Pan and a fairy, Malcolm and Fiona are each characters who are not typically portrayed as villains.
    • In their final move, both Pan and the Black Fairy tried to recast the curse initially cast by Regina Mills in the first season. However, unlike in the case of Pan, Fiona's attempt to cast the curse was successful. Their final grand plan would also destroy the lives of many people of Storybrooke (in the Black Fairy's case, all the magical worlds).
    • Both of them were ultimately finished off by their own son after he rejected their offers for a fresh start and/or after collaborating with them, freeing their family from being the brunt of their actions.
  • Interestingly, every main antagonist, (not redeem), fought by Emma were Fiona's "emissaries", since she declared to Emma that she watched very long time (except Hades who was his own master).
  • Despite being the main antagonist of Emma's saga and the main antagonist of season 6, Fiona appears only in 9 episodes.


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