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The Black Flame is a recurring villain in the Hellboy comic book series.It is an entity that has had many hosts and is often connected to the Ogdru Hem, most notably Katha-Hem.


The Black Flame is a recurring villain in Hellboy main series and  the BPRD spin-off series often having hosts.

The First known Black Flame was Raimund Diseal from 1914 who originally worked from the German army before he defected. He had been the Black Flame from 1922-1944.

The Second Black Flame was a man named Landis Pope in the 2000's.Landis was the CEO of his own company called the Zinco Corporation. He worked with Karl Ruprecht Kroenen and Leopold Kurtz and turned him into the undead Black Flame.

The Third Black Flame in the 2010's appeares in the The Return of the Master created by Grigori Rasputin and his assisant Ilia.

Powers and Abltilies

As an undead creature The Black Flame is powerful enemy and is very hard to kill in many incarnations.

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